Subjugator heraldry.jpg
Founding 23rd or 24th Founding
Successors of Imperial Fists
Homeworld Xenax
Specialty World Killing
Allegiance Imperium of Man
Colours Green & Black

Basically what you'd get if Black Templars followed the Codex more thoroughly.



Counted amongst the Astartes Praeses despite their homeworld being located in the Segmentum Solar (in other words: no-where near the Eye of Terror). Their purpose is to defend the route that Abaddon and his allies are expected to take on their path to Terra.

This duty is said to take up much of the Chapter's time, otherwise they would probably be crusading across the galaxy in a similar manner to the Black Templars as it is said that the two chapters have a very similar temperament. (in fact, they use the same tactics according to the RPG)

Despite this supposedly heavy duty; they still only managed to muster three companies for the 13th Black Crusade. Yet still contributed a squad and some tanks to the Damocles Crusade and a demi-company to support the Ultramarines in their fight against Hive Fleet Behemoth, both in warzones on the opposite side of the galaxy.

Daily RitualsEdit

04:00- Wake Up. The Subjugators arise from their beds. The Neophytes are dragged from the closet of their training marine. Any remaining fire ants will be purged with a power fly swatter.

05:00- Morning Prayer. The Subjugators pray to the Emperor to help them destroy worlds. Any Battle brother who prays to conquer a world is given to the Neophytes to train on.

06:00- Morning Firing Rites. The Subjugators increase their marksmanship skills by targeting planets. Cyclonic torpedoes and virus bombs are launched with pinpoint accuracy on cutouts that resemble Chaos Space Marines.

07:00- Morning Battle Practice. The Subjugators descend onto the planet surface for battle practice. Causing catastrophic damage to planets during said combat is forbidden.

09:00- Morning Meal. The Subjugators return to their ship to eat a glorious feast. In a sick irony, the senior members are only permitted to eat after junior members have eaten.

10:00- Morning Sermon. The Subjugators gather to hear a sermon by their Chaplain. The Chaplain goes on to talk about why the Emperor is great, and how destroying worlds is the carrying out of his devotion. Neophytes are required to to sing amen every time he raises his hands.

12:00- Tactical indoctrination. The Subjugators gather to study all forms of world destruction. This includes cyclonic torpedoes, virus bombs, flamers, lasers, and zombies. An ancient relic known as "Star Wars" is popular among the neophytes.

13:00- Afternoon Meal. The Subjugators eat a copious meal of popcorn and other traditional indoctrination meal foods. Any who eat healthy snacks are interred in a dreadnought.

14:00- Afternoon Battle Practice. The Subjugators descend to a planet to practice fighting battle servitors in close combat. This time, the complete destruction of the planet's biosphere and tectonic zones is permitted. The marine that causes a life ending super volcano to erupt or a massive earthquake is allowed to hold the chapter standard for the rest of the day.

16:00- Afternoon Firing Rites. The Subjugators return to their ships. Common sayings include "The Battle Barge will be in range in 5 minutes" and may even pull out an ancient superweapon that is the size of a moon. Again, they will practice targeting planets with various kinds of planet killing ordinance.

18:00- Evening Meal. The Subjugators gather to celebrate another successful day. The Neophytes are forced to eat rock and crust recovered from the destroyed worlds, whilst the elder members are permitted all kinds of food, from the ancient delicacy of "Doritos" to the strange shaped "Pizza".

19:00- Evening Prayer. The Subjugators gather to thank the Emperor for another productive day's work. This time, the Neophytes will be forced to hold up lead orbs representing the planets they destroyed that day. Any Neophyte who crush themselves is given a stern warning.

21:00- Free Time. The Subjugators have free time, an activity seen as frivolous by the upper ranks, but nonetheless provided. Some may force the Neophytes to fight each other and place bets on the winner, while others will further hone their planet destroying skills by using a temperamental relic called "Planetary Annihilation Titans". Whenever the relic fails, the Neophyte will usually be used as a club to destroy the monitor the Marine was using to practice world ending.

23:00- Bed Time. The Subjugators throw the Neophytes into the closet and toss a fresh supply of Fire Ants into it before locking it and falling asleep.


As mentioned before, the RPG indicates that while they mirror the Imperial Fists in organisation and their affinity with siege-craft, their actual tactics are much more similar to the Black Templars.

They have been noted for the uncompromising methods, which include the total devastation of enemy forces using overwhelming force. However, the chapter takes their concept of cleanse and burn very seriously, to the point that Imperial commanders are loathe to call on the Subjugators for support as once the Subjugators have completed their task they also have a tendency to purge those worlds afterwards, obliterating infrastructure and resources if only to make certain that there is nothing that the enemy would ever return to claim.


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