Strike Witches

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The one on the right is obsessed with the one on the left's tits
Strike Witches is an anime set in the grim darkness of alternate reality 1944, where women will not be allowed to wear trousers.The story follows the exploits of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, consisting of a multinational team of 10% mecha-furry teenage witches based on real-life WWII aces except with tits and magical flying aeroplane legs. They are the linchpin of the British Britannian defence against aliens who blew up France Gallia and now occupy most of mainland Europe. I'm not even joking. They spend most of the time they aren't fighting against the Neuroi invaders in a military installation on an island a few miles off the coast of France Gallia, where they have training sessions, hot baths, sleep in each other's beds and generally be as non-explicitly gay as possible while magical censor steam covers up everything interesting; at least until the DVDs are out.
The 501st badge. Edgy.

It is notable for being one of the primary inspirations of the homebrew games; Dive into the Sky and Project Daussalt, which gives us a good excuse to have a gallery full of porn of it, or it would if uploading images wasn't boring as hell. There is an additional RPG published that is either a blatant rip off the the concept or homage to strike Witches depending on how you look at it: Witches of the Blue Sky. Witches Of the Blue Sky uses the open gaming license D20 engine, but the catch is it was made and published by Otherverse Games, also known as Skortched Urf' Studios, also known as the Black Tokyo people. If you can get past that Tarrasque sized issue, it's functional and it D20 so and so compatible with a LOT of game content in case you do want to, well, fight the Tarrasque.

Strike Witches and Sky Girls are two remarkably similar series, if you liked Strike Witches, you'll enjoy Sky Girls. Sky Girls is nowhere near as well written and dramatic as Strike Witches, and we at /tg/ base that review on Absolutely nothing.

Second SeasonEdit

  • It was announced in Feburary 2009 that Season 2 was in progress
  • By April 2009 Season two is facing delays as Gonzo digimation sackĀ %75 of staff
  • Finally in November 2009, Rights to Season two are removed from Gonzo Digimation
  • Needless to say, /tg/ goers are bristling with Neckbeard fury
  • Season 2 is released by AIC in july 2010
  • The series has concluded with two seasons and a movie that established nothing. The games and novels and shit are on-going.
  • During October 2013 their has been word of both a OVA (might be a series, it's not quite clear) featuring the 501st, in addition to another series featuring another Joint Fighter Wing on the way, slated for production in 2014. In the meantime the fans are going ape-shit with excitement.