Strike Legion

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Strike Legion is a batshit insane sci-fi RPG that references nearly every sci-fi work of note, and some fantasy works, and puts everything together, turns everything up 11, creating combination that is utterly Awesome.

The game's basic plot is pretty cliched, but that is part of the fun. The evil Imperium is threatening the peaceful Star Republic and its allies. The Imperium is heavily outgunned and its troops poorly trained (by the settings standards, just to keep in mind), but as it controls three million solar systems and the Republic only has six thousand planets (not counting what its allies control), well, you can see the results. As a last resort, the Republic has created an elite group of super soldiers called the Strike Legion (the game's player characters), given the best of everything available (weapons, armor, ships, training, genetic enhancements) to them to go on otherwise suicidal missions to turn the tide against the Imperium.



Strike Legion's combat is largely done with rolls on D10s. It has standard things of tabletop RPG with attribute and skill tests, though measurement of length is made pretty simplistic by having everything determined by a set of range bands, which is what everything moves across and the number of bands a range weapon fires across is the term for its range. In addition to the usual RPG stats, everything in the game has an action stat that determines how many actions it can take per turn, such as spending an action to move or to attack.

A notable aspect is the combat covers more than just fighting on foot, it also includes vehicles, which starships fall under. Yes, you can actually take take part in ship battles, along with using giant robots, pretty clearly inspired by the Gundam franchise, in ship and ground combat. The GM is encouraged to be creative with missions, which is need because all vehicles have a rule called an X-Factor that you multiple their stats by to determine their actual values, and the damage done by their weapons. The result is that the same weapon can do different amounts of damage depending on the ship its fired from, with bigger vehicles typically have higher X-Factors. In a nutshell, this mean that vehicles are not only going to be faster than somebody on foot, but they are FAR more durable and inflict significantly more damage. Vehicles include power armor, which have an X-Factor of 10, giant robots called Frames, which usually have an X-Factor of 100, and ships, which usually have an X-Factor 1000. Nearly every vehicle has shields that act as extra armor, and for frames and ships, the shields regenerate at the end of at turn.

The firepower in this setting's Fluff is insane, there are hand grenades capable of destroying small planets, and many of the larger ships can tank hits from these things with their shields alone, and they, can, of course, destroy planets.

Guess Planets just aren't trying hard enough.


This setting's equivalent of pyskic powers and The Force, and, it's basically lifted from Mage: Awakening. Like in Mage, the powers the user (referred to as a Master) gets are separated into different areas, which represent an aspect of reality a Master truly grasps, but the sheer knowledge of reality's true workings have the consequence that too much drives the Master insane. Exactly what can be done with the Acts of Mastery is heavily up to what the player and the GM agrees on, but, most of the restrictions on what a player can do in Mage aren't present here, aside from the whole insanity thing. Put simply, the player doesn't need to fear enforcers of reality or breaking the universe, they are the enforcers and their job is keep the universe from breaking.


In a nutshell, humans mutated and became super strong and super intelligent. Humanity started exploring the galaxy, and the chaos that ensued led to the rise of the Empress, who brought humanity under her iron fist and demanded she be worshiped as a god. Massive amounts of science that could do anything, creation of various genetically modified humans called gens for various things, some humans formed the Star Republic that was independent from the Empress.

Eventually, numerous aliens threats started to emerge and gens were enhanced to be able to think and fight in wars to repel them. While the gens repelled the aliens, they got sick of how badly the Empress treated them and decided to rebel. The Empress's response when she was losing? Get a bunch of Masters together and mess with reality so any ship that attempted FLT travel through Nullspace (the main form of FTL) would be destroyed instantly in an event called the Eternal Night, cutting every planet in the galaxy off from each other, and then go into hibernation and take over the galaxy again when she reawakened.

Cutting planets off from each other meant much of the technology gained was lost, and of course it wiped out her old domain which was then referred to as the Old Empire. When the Eternal Night eventually ended, humans and gens began to spread and explore again, with the inhabitants of the Star Republic meeting with the gens and the various species forming an alliance and prospering form their various technologies and ideas. The Empress, however, began to rebuild her empire, and seeing the Republic and its gen population, she was determined to wipe it from the galaxy.

The Star Republic had a huge technological advantage, but only controlling 6000 planets to the Imperium's three million star systems, the Imperium started to take the advantage through a war of attrition. As a last resort, the Republic created the Strike Legion to take on various otherwise suicidal missions to wear down the Imperium enough to allow victory.


Star RepublicEdit

Standard democratic future idealist society, composed of humans and Gens. Not all the Gen civilizations are especially pleasant, but contact with the Republic starts to get them to defrost. It would probably be an ideal place to live if not for the Imperium fighting exterminate due to all the Gens, and all the presence of all the other menaces in the galaxy. It has a huge technological edge over the Imperium due to how it allows and encourages the spread of ideas from all its member species, but lacks the Imperium's sheer manpower. Their technology is actually advancing at such a rate after a tour of five years they dismantle a ship for resources for use in the construction new and better one.


Yes, that's seriously what the Republic calls its military. The overall design is pretty clearly modeled after Starfleet, not exactly a good thing since it means they don't have a separate ground army like the Imperium does, even if they do have actual soldiers beyond their ships' security teams. The Fleet personal are much better trained and equipped than their counterparts in the Imperium, though they aren't as powerful as some of the Imperium's elite troops, though for that Fleet has its allies. Their ships are better armed then their Imperial counterparts, but carry far fewer frames, probably due to the space in their interior devoted to carrying missiles. Their frames are, however, vastly superior to their mass-produced counterparts in the Imperium. They also have options they can stick on their frames to serve various purpose, though these do usually slow them down so they can be ejected after being used, and are recovered after a battle.

Also, members of fleet pursue academic careers of their choice in addition to their military pursuits, making Fleet apparently the only military organization that gives PHDs and military decorations.

Masters GuildEdit

The Republic's organization of individuals that wield Mastery. It's almost a carbon copy of the Jedi Order (right down to the stated number of members the order had during the prequels, though the Star Republic smaller size means the Guild is proportionately much bigger), but with the names of the ranks changed, and the edition of power armor wielding members that hunt down threats to the Republic. As you might expect from what is based on, membership is heavily based ability to use Mastery without going insane, so the higher ranking members are stronger in addition to having higher Mastery ratings. However, the equipment for most of them is less than impressive outside of wielding a lightsaber type weapon (easily the best melee weapon outside of Legion exclusive gear).

Strike LegionEdit

What you play as. Super soldiers that undergo augmentation that mean leaves a few survivors but benefit from a much greater performance, and given the best weapons available. But don't think of them as Space Marine knockoffs, since A; that trope has been used plenty of times outside of this game (rather famously in Halo), and B; the Space Marines are ants compared to them. Seriously, the game's stats list just having one point in the gun skill as being a better shot than anybody alive today, a point in fighting as being a better fighter than Bruce Lee, and a point in technology or science making someone a genius. And the Legion archtypes listed as samples for what a Legionnaire can do have the highest stats and skill of any soldiers in the game with even a dedicated scientist being fully capable of kicking that shit out of even the best soldiers in the Republic's allies. This is without getting their equipment, which is exclusive to them.

They have better weapons than everyone else (hand carried weapons that can take down power armor easily), their Frames (which have enough power to take down smaller warships) and power armor (which are strong enough to take on lower end Frames) smoke most of the others in stats, and the few that do come close to matching them are still smoke thanks to their unique weapons and special rules. Like Fleet, they also have options they can stick on their frames, but for some reason they can only include one per frame. Unlike Fleet, they also have options they can stick on their power armor. Their Strike Cruiser ship, oh boy, this thing has insane speed, and its well armed enough to destroy most ships in a single turn. While they have firepower, most of the suggested missions don't always allow it to be used an suggest the GM to be creative with ideas and not limit them to missions where the Strike Legion can shooting everything, since it requires a huge numbers game for most the enemies to pose a threat.


Make Hitler jokes at your own peril. Huge grey skinned gens created to use their super strength for mining work. Their society divided with females as the rulers and men composing the bulk of their army. They were highly isolationist before meeting the Republic, after which their fringe worlds started to become more open. Notable for having different stats if the player picks a male or female. Males have the highest starting strength bonus of any playable race (aside from an aged Fermorin), but trade off by losing an action per round. Females have a bonus in strength, speed, and actions per round. Both of them can re-roll strength related rolls, and can see in the dark.

They're ground troops consist mostly of males in slow but powerful suits of armor designed to fight in close quarters, led by females who use armor built for speed and provide longer range support. Their only ship is a huge battleship class vessel that in addition to its armament and shields, has a higher action stat than most other ships its size. There also probably the only faction without a central theme in naming their stuff.


Short blue humanoids that get a small bonus to strength, agility, and resolve, and immunity to cold. They prefer cold environments so they mostly live on icy planets. Their whole society is based around a bunch of loosely connected city size environmental domes that all recognize each others sovereignty. They have no ground troops of note, but their ships stand out for having much stronger shields than other ships of their size (fitting that their classes are named after fortresses), apart from the Battle Heralds (even though the Fluff doesn't acknowledge it), though as a trade off they carry fewer weapons. None the less, their stronger shields make them enough a problem that the Imperium's standard strategy to deal with is to just ram them.


Dragon like creatures that live in very militarize society. They're basically your standard warrior culture, though departing from some of the usual cliches they determine leaders by how well they fight and the ability to lead, as opposed to fighting each other. They can't breath fire, but they do have wings so they can fly and have greater strength, a bonus action, and agility, plus their teeth and claws means all their hand attacks do lethal damage.

Their military focuses mostly on combat with frames, in fact their ships (all of which have dragon themed names) are designed mostly to bring frames to the battle and support them rather than do damage on their own. Their frames consist of one quick one, and another quick one, that is also one of few frames with 1000 x-factor, meaning it can easily rip through warships, and its just as fast as the smaller frame. Since they rely mostly on frames, their soldiers are good pilots, but also double as decent fighters on the ground.


Small super intelligent mice that rapidly reproduce to they developed a hive mentality, wait... But yeah, they're super intelligent and start with a higher intelligence stat, but being puny mice, they have a max to how high their strength can get. Backstory, they were created to super intelligent to use on planets where radiation would wreck computers (they're supposed to be resistant to radiation, but that isn't represented in game). They managed to solve their population growth by building massive cities big enough to contain their population and nanomachines that break down and recycle anything they don't need.

Being mice and not men, they don't fight themselves. They send out AI controlled frames that are fast, strong, and can fix themselves. Also contains a x-factor 1000 frame as they don't rely on warships, and don't even have transport for them listed.

Federation of TerraEdit

A human faction within the republic that was formed by the descendants of the Old Empire. Humans in this game start off with no bonuses to stats in exchange for the extra points to spend on skills, but players picking humans can also choose Meta humans that all have bonuses in different areas instead. Before the Eternal Night, the Federation pursuit of pure science, specifically genetic engineering, gave its populace virtual immortality, but lost it after the Eternal Night. Their descendants spread over so many planets that they set rules on breeding to keep them from over populating. Anybody who doesn't like that can leave.

While they lost a lot their old science, they still have enough mastery of biotechnology that they can create living warships. They only have one class, which has a fairly standard armament for its size. What stands out is that an ability that negates most everything fired at it and it can heal itself.


Super intelligent pacifist orks that pursue art and science. Yeah, you read that right. They were originally created as weapons that the Old Empire drop an enemy planets, where their ability to rapidly reproduce wherever there was enough nutrients would allow them to overwhelm the world's defenders. After rebelling, they figured out how to reprogram their own genes to make themselves do things besides fight, but some of them still give into their violent instincts and pursue war. They start out with bonuses to strength and agility, as well as extra points to spend on skills (though not as much humans). Players using them also have the option of adding an extra point of strength to them for every hundreds years of life on them (like Orks, they grow bigger as they get older), but doing that loses them a point of agility for every point they gain in strength.

The Fermorins' main ground troops are violent berserkers called Dark Warriors, which are among the most dangerous soldiers in the game who excel at combat in all forms, melee, shooting, using armor, and piloting frames. All their vehicles for some reason have a snake theme to their names, not very orky, even though their armor and frames are in terms of function, getting up close to Rip And Tear, but also have long range guns to kill the enemy before they get close enough to. Both of them are pretty solid (though unimaginatively their frame is just a x-factor 1000 version of their armor), but their only ship a lightly armed carrier, and its crewed by normal Fermorins that are sadly among the least skilled crews in the game.

Free Trade AllianceEdit

A heavy capitalist human society mostly focuses on profit, and, get this, are not an over top caricature for capitalism and their trade actions are actually presented as having positive effect. Also, since they like money, they don't care about race, just how can do their job best.

Their ships seem mostly designed for fighting off pirates, as their armaments, along with their frames, are unimpressive, which are mostly sent out to spot dangers and alert the ship, plus they're all AI controlled so destroying the ship disables them.


Dwarfs, you know the drill with them. They get bonuses in strength, durability, but are slower. They were designed for mining, and since gaining their freedom they built most of their cities underground and are completely self-sufficient. They were engineered so their personalities would make them hate change, so bring about change, they have a forced seeing other worlds to keep their society from becoming too stagnant.

Grank armor and frames are actually re-purposed mining machines. As they're not designed for combat, so they're slow, but are very deadly up close with their drills. Their ships, sadly, contain no Gurren Laggan references, instead, they focus on moving in quickly and firing off all their weapons at close range where they can do the most damage. Fitting this, they're faster than most other ships of similar sizes and are more durable.


Cat-like creatures that were created as pets designed to be cute, but somewhere along the line somebody decided to use them in experiments with Mastery (giving house pets the power bend reality, and people say the Adeptus Mechanicus is insane). One of them in their ranks named Ordin taught them how to use their powers and led them in rebellion against the Old Empire. Currently they don't use much technology as they power with Mastery gives them most anything they want. They are mostly peaceful inside their pocket dimensions where they hide their planets, but some of them will venture out to destroy evil, especially insane Masters since Ordin eventually lost it and nearly wiped them out. Since their planets are located in universes where the laws of physics are essentially their playthings, the Imperium decided to avoid them since any fleets they send in don't come out.

The Guardian soldiers in game don't carry any weapons and instead rely on Mastery, and they have a high level in it. Playing as them gives the player a bonus to their Mastery stat. They're also notable for having the shortest live span of the usable races, maxing about 60, which is actually shorter than modern day humans in most first world countries.


Humanoid mantises that have by far the longest average lifespan of the species at around 3000 years. They start with a bonus to an attribute of their choice, along with a bonus to armor and they're psychic. Their toughness and long lifespans stems from them being engineered to survive on hostile planets and terraform them over long periods of time. Their society is a hive like (even though mantises are solitary insects) caste system with every Hetochi being born into a specific role based on what physical traits the they are born with (what traits they have depend on the environment the egg is in). They're so used to telepathic communication that they are only recently learning to speak verbally.

Their psychic powers have some interesting effects with their ships. They can share actions, and enemies can only attack them if they're within three range bands. Their weaponry leaves a lot to be desired, however, even their ships can take a lot more actions than others.


Fish people with bonus agility. They live on water worlds which has moving in 3 dimensional environments 24/7 they aren't prone to the two dimensional thinking that did Khan in. So they're experts at piloting ships, with any ship an Inatiion character pilots getting an extra action. Their piloting skills shows with their fleets (their ships for some reason all have names themed around the end of the world), all their ships roll five dice for tests in combat and can re-roll failed navigation rolls, and have a large number of actions.

Their ships also can detect any ships that rely on any deception tricks. Despite what you might guess from their names, their ships focus on speed while giving up firepower, though their shields are just as strong other ships of their size. They also have their interiors filled with water to aid against boarding actions, but the game doesn't have any rules regarding boarding actions so that doesn't come into play.


Cat people, specifically modeled after tigers who were designed to be able to mine in low gravity environments with extra strength and agility. As you might expect, this gives them bonuses to speed and strength, as well as dealing lethal damage with hand attacks. They're another warrior based society, who unlike the Drakens, follow the tradition in fiction where they advance by fighting, which means their leaders have to badass and/or crafty if they want to survive for more than five seconds. They don't have central leadership, instead are organized into separate clans with their own fleets. They were among the Imperium's first victims in the Republic so they have a number of homeless fleets that launch raids into the Imperium seeking payback.

Like the Drakens, their fleets are designed around their frames. Compared with the Drakens, rather than a fast well armed frame and a big heavily armed one, they have fast well armed frame, and a faster tougher version of it. Their other notable trick is that their frames have a special rule that means they can only be attacked if something gets in the same range band as them.


Eldar, minus the insufferable pomposity (might help keep them from seeing humans their inferiors since humans created them), though as opposed to making stuff out of the warp they use more organic tech. They were designed as servants, 'companions', and entertainers. So they have bonus on rolls related to physical appearance. They have society similar to craftworld Eldar, but a lot less focus on war on more everything else, but when they prepare for war, boy hell do they have some Awesome shit. They pack power armor that aside from what the Strike Legion uses (which they helped design) is probably the best in the game. But the real good stuff comes with their frames, which are for all intents and purposes, Evangelion units with enough power to pose a danger to warships. They don't have any ships of their own besides their worldships, so it's anybody's guess how they get to a battlefield.


Gorilla men bonuses to strength and agility. As you might expect, they were designed as soldiers for battle on jungle worlds. Their society is large composed of separate villages that form think tanks to decide on ideas. They don't have any fleets, instead relying an array of defense systems (which sadly don't have stats represented in game) to hold out until until allied fleets appear.

Meta DominionEdit

Another human faction in the Republic, this one focuses on genetic engineering to best human possible. This science contributed to creation of Legionaries. Due to their genetic engineering, their ships (which have theme names around birds of prey, huh) roll three dices for all tests. Design wise, their ships are unique in that rather than primarily using energy weapons, they rely on missiles, which gives them firepower over long range on a short term basis, but they're in trouble if they run out and the enemy is still there.


Rhino men, so as you might expect, they have added strength and agility, plus abilities giving them added armor and power in melee. They were designed to take part in gladiatorial battles where they would mutilate criminals people didn't like. Despite what you'd expect from their backstory and abilities, their society devotes itself to science. For war, they rely on fast remote controlled frames which are controlled by an, unfortunately, lightly armored, hub ship. For larger ships, they rely on research stations with guns attached to them. They can't move outside of FTL travel, but they are pretty durable.


Angel like creatures designed as navigators. Fitting their design, they have bonuses to agility, can flight, and make better pilots. Their society is based around a large number of worldships that can self-manufacture anything the inhabitants need. This includes constructing ship smaller ships that eventually "grow" into full size world ships. They like to explore and find new ideas, so if they come across Republic worlds, they are welcomed so they'll share the ideas.

Serran ships (which have angel themed names, one of which is called a Halo) roll four dice for all their skill tests. Their regular warships ships can move to an adjacent range bands after attacking without spending an action (and they can preform a lot actions), are well shielded, and heavily armed. More unique are the worldships that haven't built themselves to full size yet. They're not as well armed as their warships, but they posses an ability that when they take damage, they roll a die, and reduce on an even roll, and ignore it on an odd roll.


Humanoid rabbits. They have a minor bonus to agility, but the real reason to play as them is they have higher starting perception and they can see the future, giving them a bonus on all dice rolls and bonus to defense. They were designed as, of course, weapons to take advantage their power to see the future, not pick stocks. Using their future sight, they have managed to stave the Republic's defeat so far.

Okay, the fleets for these guys are the most insane idea when you say the whole description of the species and what they use. Ready? They use giant Macross inspired frames the size of warships, with stealth and FTL capabilities. Yes, psychic rabbits with invisible giant robots. This game is Awesome.


Xenomorph type creatures with highly collectivist society. Possibly unintentionally, this makes the the most faithful depiction of the aliens from Starship troopers. Playing as them makes a deadly character, with bonuses to strength, ability, action, initiative, armor, and start with lethal damage with hand attacks. Despite how good characters they make, their society relies on overwhelming manpower. The Republic doesn't trust because well, they have a society very much like the Imperium and just as brutal to non-conformists. Contact with the Republic starts to force some change, along with their faith in their leadership with the threat of the Imperium. Till then, they're the token evil society.

The Veraxins have very strong power armor, but their frames are weaker than most others and instead rely on stealth. Their ships, with knight themed names, lack much in the way of firepower and durability, instead relying on numbers.


The main enemy. Basically the Imperium of Man except they're the main villain, though the Empress is, from what is revealed about her, FAR worse than the Emperor considering she seems more motivated about herself than anything else. Life is Grimdark with worlds being greatly overpopulated, free thought discouraged (by ANYBODY), it's tiny populace of nobles picked by the Empress eats up a fourth of its resources (which is pretty insane given the Imperium's size) while another half goes to its military, which it decides to spend on fighting the Republic because the Empress doesn't like gens. Any hint of rebellion is typically answered by killing everyone on the planet than replacing the people with populace from other worlds. Not as Grimdark as the Imperium, everyone does have guaranteed food and shelter, but that more so seems to stem not having the threat of Chaos and being better organized.

Imperial ArmadaEdit

The Empresses' main way of enforcing her will. Crunch wise, while their ships aren't the trash heaps the Fluff makes them out to be, they are typically not as well armed as their enemies, though they are often as durable as Fleet's ships. They have by far the greatest Frame carrying capacity, but as a tradeoff, their mass-produced Frames are, outside of the Free Trade Alliance's, probably the worst in the game. Since killing junk Frames would be boring, they do posses some elite designed Frames, some of which are among the best in the game. As they're separate from the ground army, their personnel are pretty easy to kill since none of them pack any decent weapons or armor.

Imperial Defense CorpsEdit

Ground troops, basically the Imperial Guard, though their weapons and armor seem closer in capability to the Space Marines. Follows the tradition of higher ranking officers being better fighters.

Imperial MarinesEdit

The Empresses version of the Space Marines, whose appearances make them sound like they dress more like Chaos Space Marines considering they put spikes on their armor. When they are sent to put down a rebellion, they go and bombard the planet from orbit before picking off the survivors. While better equipped than the Defense Corps, a lot of their stuff is junk compared to factions in the Republic (outside of their equivalent of bolter weapons), though they are better fighters than their counterparts in Fleet (for all the good it does them). Note that while their power armor is among the worst in the game, it still has personal regenerating energy shields, built in weapons, and flight capabilities.

Also, Marine leaders are tactical genii.

Imperial IntelligenceEdit

Spies and secret agents, doesn't get mentioned as much as other groups. They're spies and not assassins, so they're not very impressive in combat.

Imperial JusticeEdit

More Judge Dredd inspired cops like the Adeptus Arbites, which still managed to get in a Warhammer reference with its highest ranking officers being called Inquisitors. Higher ranking officers have impressive stats, but none of them are especially well equipped.

Imperial Trade AgencyEdit

The Imperium's traders, who also collect taxes and supposed to defend from pirates, but a lot of the criminals in the game are better armed then them.

Imperial SurveyorsEdit

Explorers meant to find new worlds for the Imperium. They are bit harder to kill than the tax collectors since they have some veteran troops in their ranks.

Assassins GuildEdit

The Empress's assassins that kill anybody perceived as a deviant, which can include anybody from a commoner to a high ranking military officer. She also sicks them on lovers that have bored or angered her. Seriously. Some of them act as Commissars during battle, and wear power armor that's a lot better than what the Imperial Marines get.

Imperial Foundation PrimeEdit

The Empress's version of the Adeptus Mechanicus, though they don't appear to be as insane (she has her other mad scientists for that). They focus on finding new technology and believe in one day turning the Imperium civilians into machines. Despite being scientists, they have some powerful soldiers in their ranks in the form of cyborgs they create to fight the Strike Legion, who are programmed with fighting skills so they aren't just nerds with big guns.

Imperial WeaversEdit

Scientists that specialize in genetic engineering and hope to create genetic engineering that surpasses technology. They work on creating their own super soldiers to counter the Strike Legion, some of which the Empress hopes to use the genes of to spread and bring about a greater species of humans throughout the Imperium. Their creations include monsters inspired by Prototype that consume bio mass to grow stronger, and others with powers inspired by the X-Men, meaning teams of mutants with each packing a different power.

Imperial Psi-CoreEdit

The Empress's answer to the Master's Guild. Since the use Mastery can drive somebody insane, and the Empress already had to put down her own version of the Horus Heresy (which she had a lot more success in than the Emperor), she has them divided into four schools to weaken its power. Some of them have their frames and power armor. The frame seen is nothing to brag about, but the armor is impressive.

Imperial ProtectorateEdit

The Empress's version of the Ecclesiarchy and Sisters of Battle rolled into one, that also serves as another organization to kill anybody who doesn't feel like worshiping her. Its highest ranking members only take order from the Empress. Their other purpose to manipulate bloodlines on Imperial worlds to produce results the Empress desires.

The Protectorate has a few different types of soldiers in it. These include assassins. frame pilots, and a number of its members are trained in Mastery.

Imperial AuthorityEdit

Having one church devoted to her wasn't enough for the Empress, so she got paranoid and created an all male one. Compared with their female counterparts, they mostly have similar soldiers, but they trade in assassins for gun experts in power armor.

Imperial Evolution SectorEdit

A research organization that's devoted to developing Imperial answers to the Strike Legion. These one produces three types of super soldiers, gun experts, hand to hand experts, and elite power armor troops that use a special, and very deadly, type of armor.

Imperial CovenantEdit

Another attempt at creating a reliable next generation soldier. This one, however, takes its victims from the Protectorate and Authority. Even the scientists working in it have to undergo enhancement before they do their work. The trademark for their super soldiers is that they have parts of their brain replaced with cybernetics. Their products consists of super strong, but poorly armored, soldiers, designed as new ground troops, and new expert pilots. Both are intended for the Empress's new Vengeance fleet she's preparing.

Imperial AsylumEdit

No, it's not a prison for the insane. It sends the insane people to the battlefield. This place takes subjects that didn't make it through other experiments and does its own work on them by fiddling with certain sections of the brain. The the stuff they churn would probably be the most powerful of the Imperium's ground troops if not for their lacking durability due to their crap armor. Everything they make is insane and has clown theme to it, and yes, there is a homage to the Joker, and it wields lightsabers.

Imperial Paranormal DivisionEdit

Sounds like something meant to protect against supernatural threats, but no, it's actually meant to bind them into hosts and throw them at the enemy. Stuff they send out has a knack for getting around armor.

Death FactoryEdit

Yeah, seriously, that's what these are called. They grab unwilling Imperial citizens and mutate them into monsters. These range from stuff that rips into tanks, to things modeled on Godzilla that rip into frames, and some that's even bigger and can rip into warships.

Imperial PyramidEdit

The Empress's secret organization that manipulates her worlds. Unlike the Protectorate, that's it sole purpose. They do things like insert conspiracy theories and various other insane stuff that means people in the Imperium can barely tell fact from fiction because they don't know who to trust, besides nobody (seriously, look at the work at manipulating everything that goes on). Since they're not soldiers, they're not much for combat.

Doom LegionEdit

The Empress's elite army that represents her best soldiers, and that's about all we know about them because they aren't represented in game.

Other ThreatsEdit

While the Imperium is the main villain, the lore and the settings mentions other threats, which often menace the Republic and the Imperium.

Ancient OnesEdit

Cthulhu Mythos in space! Sorta. These things have no described origin and nobody knows what they're trying to do, they just do wreck destruction. They don't actually have a physical presence, if one appears, it controls a trio of unique frames as the closest thing to one. They fight using high level acts of Mastery, and in turn can only be damaged by Mastery.

Battle HeraldsEdit

Mechanical planet eating machines that destroy planets and use their resources to build more ships. They equip shields that make anything on the Republic and the Imperium's biggest ships look like paper. Their bigger ships also have the ability to construct their smaller ones during a battle. Their biggest ship also is second only the Imperium's largest fortresses in terms of durability, and has more guns than anything else in the game. They sample mission for fighting them gives them a pretty good sized fleet, so the player is given two addition Strike Cruisers and five large detachments from Fleet stop them. You'll likely need it against their fleet.

Dark MastersEdit

The threat that gets the most attention besides the Imperium. They're Masters who attempt an act they can't control and go insane from perceiving too much of reality. When they do they seek to try and do whatever insane things they can learn everything, even if puts innocent lives in danger, which can amount planets, entire solar systems, some ideas being dropped even include a group that threatens to destroy the current reality. In addition to their own capabilities, they will also use their powers to bring Daemons into our universe to do their bidding.

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