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What it isEdit

Annotated picture of the current space colony state
Peak Oil Stratedgy

Stratedgy is a peculiar type of quest, where the op drawinganondude, a full-fledged artist who's worked for most successful gaming companies including THQ, Rare and Catalyst Game Labs, draws a settlement's development as per /tg/'s suggestions. It is most notable for the exquisite quality of the op's drawing.

It started out as several village-drawing quests before establishing itself as a separate genre.

The development of the first village led to the settlers summoning an evil demon; second one - a benevolent river goddess.

Villagers of the third settlement decided not to worship the gods, instead choosing to revere their ancestors, which nearly led to the downfall of the village as a dark emissary from the first one arrived.

Fourth village preferred to skip the religious development altogether in favor of knowledge, leading to complex steam-powered mechanics. One of villagers getting a fey mood and building a giant robot, akin to the manifestations of gods in the previous villages caused a massive amount of drama. However, even despite the bawwwing and advanced technological development, the village still came to untimely, if awesome, end.

In a refreshing twist, several next stratedgy threads were devoted to constructing a space colony on a barren world. This development, sadly, has been abandoned or concluded

The following stratedgy threads, collectively known as Peak Oil, have been about trying to survive a social melt-down, with players taking on the roles of survivors on a desolate farm. This project, however, has been abandoned as well.

Next thread allowed /tg/ to become the Borg assimilating a human settlement.

The most recent thread returns the players to space colonization, this time on a desolate red rock planet. In this thread a crybaby faggot reported the thread and the OP was banned for two hours for "grammar trolling" even though Stratedgy had several successful examples and is a proper noun.

The next Stratedgy game theme was decided on by anonymous to be an undersea operation, possibly a contingency base for an end of the world scenario. Other options included egyptian theme or a time travel dual thread. drawinganondude also mentioned that he would probably pick up one of his previous Stratedgy games again in the future - as of seven years later, he did not.

Why stratedgyEdit

Satshot of the space colony's underground part. Visible to the right is a cargo ship loading

Stratedgy needs a d in it because it's an edgy strategy.

Also because the op apparently isn't too good with spelling.