Whoever designed this thing needs to get hit in the head with a thunderhammer. By the Allfather!
It also looks a lot like an IRL WWII naval landing craft. Only more stupid and impractically designed.

The Stormwolf is a Spess Mahreen assault transport used by the Space Wolves chapter. It shares the same design/shell as the Stormfang Gunship, which is of a shipping container with engines strapped to one end. The 'Space Wolves' (*cough* Games Workshop *cough*) insist that it looks more like a wolf's snout, although the only way to make that comparison is if you were a blind drunkard. It continues the tradition(s) of both GeeDubs being lazy enough to share frames for multiple army's vehicles and the Space Marines utterly slaughtering the wind with their Metal Boxes.

Although maybe it's just shaped like a LCVP, see left. And considering its weapons loadout, it can conceivably be used for space boarding operations like a Caestus Assault Ram, with lascannons destroying point defences from afar and multi-meltas blasting into the hull. Of course, like Caestus, nothing could have prevented Space Wolves from adding more anti-gravity plating to the thing and using it for planetary landings to a similar effect. Unfortunately, such wishful thinking would only work if the Stormwolf was an assault boat. But no. This fucking thing just has to be an 'assault plane' (Plane being used very loosely here). No amount of real world vehicles will save this abomination from being mocked as a physical embodiment of GW gross incompetence in designing a proper plane.

Tabletop-wise, the Stormwolf is a Hover-capable Flyer that comes in the Fast Attack slot for the Space Wolves. It weighs in at 15 points over 2 Thunderfire Cannons, and has a transport capacity of 16 models. It is an assault vehicle as well, with an access point at the front. Befitting a glorified assault boat, it comes with a decent Armor Value of 12 all-round, and 3 Hull Points. It's loaded with weapons, boasting twin-linked Helfrost cannons, twin-linked Lascannons, and 2 twin-linked Heavy Bolters. It also comes stock with Power of the Machine Spirit and Ceramite Plating (which means that Melta weapons do not get their bonus die to penetrate). It has the options to swap the twin Heavy Bolters for a Skyhammer Missile Launcher or 2 Multi-meltas for 20 Pts. each. The Helfrost cannons can either fire a single Strength 8, AP1 24″ ranged shot, or a S6, AP3 Blast attack at the same range. With a nice transport capacity for your Grey Hunters or Blood Claws, this thing is suited for launching deep into the middle of a packed gunline and unleashing CQC Rape. The only real downside is if you're fighting against armies with heavy AA like Tau, in which case your flying Rhino will be shot out of the sky (but even then, AV12 and Jink make it a fairly tough target).

A famed Blood Claws pack under Erik Sverngson makes use of a notable Stormwolf named the Jorek.

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