It is so downright impractical in design that the wings might as well be landing pads.

Just when you thought the Space Marines have created the most un-aerodynamic aircraft ever, we get this... thing. In keeping with the Marine tradition of brutally massacring the air, the Stormfang Gunship is little more than a flying metal box built around a fuckhuge Helfrost Destructor. Almost like the A-10 Warthog, but even more unreasonable. Appearance-wise, it looks like you just strapped a massive gun to the middle of a Caestus Assault Ram. It comes with sponson mounts which can mount either Heavy Bolters, Skyhammer Missiles, or Multi-meltas, and can also mount Stormstrike Missiles or twin-linked Lascannons on hull mounts. To top it all off, it can still transport six Marines, as it does share a frame with the Stormwolf transport.

Now, on the tabletop, this thing is identical to the Stormwolf in terms of defense (AV12, Ceramaite, and 3 Hull Points), and only costs 5 points more than its transporting cousin. Don't think of it as a dedicated assault vessel, though, owing to its abysmal Transport Capacity, the only Access Point being at the rear, and by the fact that it does not count as an assault vehicle. The Helfrost Destructor can fire either a dispersed or focussed beam, the former being Strength 6, AP 3 Large Blast and the latter being a Strength 8, AP 1 Lance shot. The Stormfang counts as a Heavy Support choice instead of Fast Attack (like the Stormwolf), and in all honesty, the Stormwolf might be the better choice, with a comparative arsenal, counting as an assault vehicle, and a much better transport capacity (16 Marines).

How this flying box can fight against other aircraft (or even turn), I have no idea.

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