Storm Lords

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Storm Lords
Storm Lords Marine.jpg
Battle Cry Unknown
Number Unknown
Founding Second Founding
Successors of White Scars
Successor Chapters Unknown
Chapter Master Unknown
Primarch Jaghatai Khan
Homeworld Unknown
Strength 1000 Marines
Specialty Fast attack
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Red and white halved; helmet in company colour; black aquila and backpack.

A Second Founding Chapter from White Scars Geneseed. Known for their involvement in the defence of Armageddon. Also notable for their having a half and half scheme and FOUR colours in their palette, which means that absolutely fucking no-one has ever actually painted these bad boys up for use in battle. Anyone who shades red, white, black and yellow all in one mini all within a tiny margin of each other on the same piece of plastic is fucking insane or a genuine da Vinci of miniature painting.

Not to be confused with the lords of the Stormlands in A Song of Ice and Fire (who are occasionally called the Stormlords).

It's likely that they were founded from the Brotherhood of the Storm, who rose to prominence during the Horus Heresy. Seeing as Shiban Khan is one of the Scars' main Heresy characters, it's possible that we'll see a bit of a boost for the Storm Lords if this is ever confirmed.

Chapter OrganizationEdit

Even though almost nothing exists about the Storm Lords chapter organization, what little does exist has been retconned. Old sources say that they're the epitome of a codex chapter and that they color their helmet in the company color- making the chapter's color scheme even more of a mess. I mean, there are Storm Lords with fucking green, purple, orange and blue helmets out there somewhere.

Sometime between the battle for Ichtar IV and the third war for Armageddon, Games Workshop writers completely forgot Imperial Scholars discovered that the Storm Lords are now separated into Brotherhoods like the White Scars- with no further justification for the gaudy yellow and possibly multicolored helmets. Maybe they change helmet colors based on their mood or to match holidays?

Of course, as a non-compliant chapter, that could mean that there are even more of these yellow helmeted mutherfuckers in the galaxy.

Relations with other chaptersEdit

They have a sibling rivalry with the White Scars, and are always trying to prove themselves to their first founding brethren (who are WAY more popular). They're failing, of course, since older siblings are never impressed with younger ones. The White Scars continue to be considered super badass, and the Storm Lords continue to be "those marines in the ridiculous jester outfits."

But, hey, on a snowy day, they show up WAY better than the White Scars ever will.

They're in good standing with the Imperium and as a good minor successor chapter, they often lend aid to the wars that other Space Marines are fighting, without ever stealing the spotlight with a war of their own.

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