Engineering lesson 1: bolt weapon on top of metal box. Engineering lesson 2: make sure you don't have to go outside to reload it

In Team YankeeEdit

Da Stats

The Storm, or Shturm-S is an ATGM carrier that fires AT23 FP3+ Kokon (koh-kohn, not kok-on) missiles, the same one fired by your hinds.

Unlike the Spandrel, the Storm is fully capable of punching through any battle tank on the field without problems; including the M1IP Abrams. This is where the advantages end.

The Storm rivals the firepower of NATO ATGM carriers without a hammerhead equivalent rule. While small ATGM vehicle teams have never been a competitive option outside games below 30 points, the Storm gives Soviet forces the ability to deal with 3rd generation MBTs from a range, if you do not want to invest into a tank company or take a couple of hinds instead. Even in this role, it is unlikely to survive if fired upon. With virtually no armour to speak of, this unit must count on bonuses from cover and concealment to have a chance of surviving. Even then, most NATO MBTs will be able to keep your Storms out of sight. If you do get to fire a volley from these units, however, they will make their points back very quickly: keyword being IF.

Storm platoons may only be purchased by Soviet forces as Divisional support, competing with the Spandrel in the anti-tank role. Each vehicle costs 1 point and comes in a platoon of 2 or 3.


Missile away!
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