Steve Blum

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Steve Blum in all his badass manliness

A completely fuck awesome voice actor with a voice so manly it instantly claims the virginity of all who hear it. Many a child of the 80s and 90s likely owes their perception of badass to this man. In his own words, the man began his historic ascent as a Voice Actor when a friend of his aided in bringing Japanimation to Murka.

Starting out doing creature voices for things like Guyver and whatever, Mr. Blum's awesomeness was quickly noticed, and he eventually got on to do characters.

And thus, a legend was born.

In other words, he is better than you and all whom you admire by veritable leagues. And yes, you would let him have his way with you. The sheer awesomeness of his beard steals the virginity of all who look upon him.

You are probably reading this with his awesome voice right now, aren't you?

Fist of the North StarEdit

'Shin of the Nanto Seiken' was one of Steve Blum's first roles as a Voice-Actor, and he still made Shin sound completely fucking badass.


'Freaky Snake Guy', also known as Orochimaru. Steve Blum provides the voice of this creepy, body stealing/raping, (man?) person who is also of questionable s̶e̶x̶u̶a̶l̶i̶t̶y̶ sanity. Want to toss up snakes with him? Also voiced Poofy Pajama Pants A.K.A Zabuza

Cowboy BebopEdit

Cowboy Bebop is an anime series inflicted upon the world at large by a bunch of azns who lusted for African American culture.

What began as a visual love letter was soon adopted by Adult Swim and thrust onto the American populace. Repeating the same 25 episodes over and over and over for 5 fucking years straight without pause, it resulted in an epidemic of weeaboo fucks who don't know shit about black people's music. It eventually spawned a movie that nobody outside of Otaku and Weeaboos liked as well.

It had a pretty good soundtrack actually, but Steve Blum had nothing to do with that so who gives a shit. Eventually he went on to better, more interesting things.

Moving on.

Cowboy Bebop in general and Spike Spiegel in particular are amazing.

Vidya GaemsEdit

He has supplied his awesome voice acting to such awesome vidya gaems such as Dragon Age: Origins, as the awesomesauce Dorf named Oghren, and to Grunt, the genetically-engineered teenage krogan in Mass Effect 2 and 3. In the Dawn of War II series, he did a number of voices, most notably pissed off Steve Blum, Steve Blum with a phlanger affect, and evil, British Steve Blum. He was also the Vindicare Assassin in DoW I. And did awesome at that. He also voiced a few Orks in Dawn of War 2 His VA credits contain many more roles.

He has yet to generate /tg/-related memes ("I don't need luck, I have ammo!" is good, but /v/) from his works however, unlike Scott McNeil who's pretty much responsible for every last DoW-related meme there is. He shouts "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!" beautifully. He also does screams 'Skulls for the Skull Throne' very well. It is commonly agreed that his taking up of the mantle of Eliphas left by Paul Dobson only contributed to making Eliphas even more badass. Especially with the advent of Retribution, wherein Eliphas, as always gets the best lines. Only made even better by Steve Blum's voice.

He also voices badass kitten Rytlock Brimstone in Gay-elf-justice-warriors 2 (a 2.5m high kitty, with horns, razor-sharp talons and an ancient flaming sword (that he lost), who kicked all kinds of ass, but then the story went nowhere and since than sat around talking to imaginary friends from the not warp and equivalent of brain-ghost Ferrus Manus. Voice by Steve Blum. Yes, it as awesome, furry and gay , somehow all at the same time, as it sounds).

Another character voiced by Steve Blum is Lt. Col Robert Burns of Vanquish, who looks and sounds almost like a certain Scout Sergeant except if he was a Devastator Sergeant instead, toting a huge ass shielded minigun and forming a rocky comradeship with the protagonist, trading snarks and wisecracks throughout the relatively short game. Gives a varying amount of fucks about his men, sometimes refusing to risk them in questionable gambits but is perfectly willing to leave them to die in order to complete the mission, much like a certain Devastator Sergeant. And just like said Sergeant he went off the deep end long ago, coming to blows with the idealistic protagonist after trying to microwave Moscow under the orders of the US president in order to end recession and jumpstart the US economy using a full-blown war against Russia.

Megas XLREdit

Perhaps the only show unanimously loved by 4Chan's Mecha board, Megas XLR is a prime example of how to mix the rule of awesome with the rule of hilarity. Centering around two people who would likely do well on this site, named Coop and Jamie, the latter being voiced by Steve, these two find a giant robot; and Coop being an Ork dressed as an 'umie loots it and fixes it. Replacing its busted head with a car. The two use it as any neckbeard would, for the lulz.

Oh yeah, there's also some bitter, cold hearted, red-headed bitch voiced by Lady Aribeth who wants them to use it to commit xenocide. Xenocide against the manliest fuckawesome aliens ever, who want to steal MEGAS and use it to take over everything. You almost want them to win.




Steve took over as the official go-to guy for voicing Wolverine starting with Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Since then, he's played the role in every X-Men and Wolverine title except the one based on X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The game sucked in every way possible, except for the role he DID get...

Motherfucking DEADPOOL.


Steve Blum was the narrator and half the fucking cast for Transformers: War for Cybertron, and will be doing the same in Fall of Cybertron. Now he's Starscream on Transformers: Prime. Even if you hate the show, (though why would you?) he's hands down the best character. He returns in the role for RiD, but even he is not enough to save it.


Steve MOTHERFUCKING Blum is the awesomest voice actor ever, and is by no means a Weeaboo. His credits extent far and beyond mere anime and his voice acting has always been top notch.

He is also a pretty cool guy and eh doesn't afraid of anything.

This page does not do justice to his greatness.