Steel Reign

Not to be confused with Steel Rehn.

Steel Reign is the working title for an adaptation of the Reign of Steel setting to the Reign system being undertaken by a pair of anons. The idea is for the Company mechanics to allow for meaningful conflict between the human resistance and the various AI factions. Changes will include:

  • New list of skills and attributes for near future post-apocalyptic adventurers.
  • Stats for firearms and explosives.
  • Additional rules for gunfights and vehicles.
  • Converted stats for robots.
  • Tweaks to the Company system.
  • Sample characters.


Character SheetEdit

Body 2 Coordination 2 Sense 2
Athletics 2 Dodge 2 Notice 2
Endurance 2 Drive 2 Empathy 2
Fight 2 Stealth 2 Study 2
Run 2 Weapon 2 Security 2
Climb 2 Conceal 2 Trapping 2
Vigor 2 Scavenging 2
Know 2 Command 2 Charm 2
Medic 2 Haggle 2 Fascinate 2
Computers 2 Inspire 2 Trust 2
Comms 2 Intimidate 2 Jest 2
Mechanic 2 Tactics 2 Lie 2
Student of 2 Strategy 2 Plead 2

Skills and AttributesEdit



This is a catchall for most physical tasks that don’t fall under another skill. Use it to jump, throw and lift heavy weights.


Roll Endurance to keep on running, walking or swimming past the point where you might otherwise have collapsed panting.


This is the skill for broad, untrained, opportunistic fighting. You grab something and try to hurt someone with it, whether it’s swinging a sword or a baseball bat or pointing a gun in their general direction and pulling the trigger. Roll with coord for missile weapons. You can use most weapons with Fight, only some exotic ones which are dangerous or difficult to use will present you with difficulty. You cannot, however, parry effectively or use Special Techniques. Expected gear: Something heavy and blunt or small and sharp, like a penknife or maglite torch.


Use to chase or flee or simply move faster in combat. Base move is 15ft, gain 5ft for every point of width on your widest success. Expected gear: Some old sneakers, in pretty good nick.


You can climb up stuff. You can climb 5ft per point of width on your roll, or 5ft for every 2 width if it’s a very rough climb. Expected gear: Some rope. 3+: Light, strong rope. 4+ Light, strong rope & safety harness.


This is how good you are at overcoming injury and illness. With the wide variety of plagues and biocides released into the environment by the Zoneminds, immunity can be an invaluable trait. People living in machine zones usually have a high level of this, having had the dubious fortune to be naturally immune to the apocalypse plagues that wiped out the rest of the population. People from Washington or London have had less exposure - although even they were devastated in the early part of the war.



You can get out of the way in a hurry. This skill is described on Reign p.188.

Pilot/Driver/Rider of _____Edit

Pick a general category - cars, HGVs, speedboats, motorbikes, jet aircraft, helicopters, horses, robots. You can ride or drive vehicles of that type, and default to similar types at skill -1. Use this skill to race, negotiate difficult terrain, etc. Expected gear: A servicable car, boat, bike or microlite. Sorry, no jet fighters.


Sneaking around, hiding, and even picking pockets all require Stealth rolls. Expected gear: A hoodie, cloak, dark-coloured coat or scarf.


Pick a category of weapons like "handguns" "axes" "clubs" etc. You’ve been trained to use these weapons proficiently. Can be taken multiple times. If your weapon is suitable for parrying, you can parry with it using this skill. You can also learn Special Techniques for rolls using this skill. Expected gear: A weapon of the appropriate type.


Hiding things. Whether palming a card at the poker table, slipping something incriminating into a rival’s luggage, disguising a guerrilla foxhole in the wastelands as a bit of harmless scrub, or smuggling contraband DVDs into Zone Washington in the chassis of your robotruck, Conceal lets you put things places where people won’t notice them, or in such a way that people won’t notice you doing it. Expected gear: A bit of useless but tradeable contraband.



You can see or hear things. Eavesdropping, noticing subtle noises, spotting hidden assassins, observing attempts at concealment, and so on all require Notice rolls. Expected gear: A pair of binoculars or a scope.


You can tell when people are lying to you, when they’re trying to manipulate you, and gauge roughly what they’re feeling. If someone is angry or envious or in love, with a good Empathy roll you’ll spot it before anyone else does. Expected gear: A memento of someone dear to you, or or a past life fondly remembered.


Forensics, tracking and looking for clues all fall under this skill. You can look at a scene and reconstruct what happened there, follow a target through forests and cities alike, or find contraband hidden in the chassis of a robotruck.


You can pick locks, disable alarms, and generally have a good grasp of how people and robots keep unwanted intruders out of their stuff. Roll when securing a building or trying to gain access to one.


You can set up traps and know your way around explosives. Useful for setting anything from simple snares to catch game to IEDs to obliterate robot tanks. Also used to disarm booby-traps and defuse bombs. Expected gear: Wire, pliers, and clippers.


You know how to find useful stuff in the ruins of the machine zones, the rows of boarded-up houses in Zone Washington, or the scattered eco-shacks of Caracas. You also know how to survive, where to find food and clean water, and you’re aware of the dangers involved in finding these things. You suffer a penalty to this skill when you try to use it outside your own Zone, until you learn the ropes. (Generous GMs may ignore this penalty if your character’s background has placed him in the Zone in question in the past.) Expected gear: Some canned food and water to spare, something to read or at least some porn if you’re an illiterate fuck.



You can treat injury and illness. Expected gear: First aid kit. 4+ Doctor’s bag.

Expert in/Student of/Professor of/Doctor of ________Edit

Regardless of how you phrase it, this skill marks you as skilled in a particular field not covered by any other skills. Can fall under any attribute but is usually associated with knowledge. These skills can be used to extend existing skills into specialised areas. For example, if you wanted to be able to unlock the bioroid genetic code or perform surgery, you could take Expert in Genetics/Surgery along with Medic. A former NSA intelligence analyst might have an appropriate skill to enhance Comms.


You know your way around a computer, you can write new programs, you can hack into existing systems and rewrite the directives of robots so that they obey you. You will not be popular with the zoneminds. Taking control of a computer or robot requires either custody (i.e. you must have the robot in your possession and be able to open it up and poke around inside) or a tag. Expected gear: Laptop with plenty of software, SQUID.


You know how to record, broadcast, intercept, encrypt, decrypt and analyse multimedia data being transmitted over radio, lasercom, satellite and cable. You also have some idea how to repair electronic equipment. Attempting to decrypt an enemy message requires a tag. Analysing the patterns of such traffic does not, although may require other skills to make intelligible. Expected gear: Laptop with A/V software, antenna and 1 Radio Bomb per level, OR laptop with interception/decryption software and antenna.


You can repair and modify things with moving parts. Vehicles, robot chassis, machine guns, and air conditioning systems all fall under this skill. Expected gear: Toolkit.



You can get a good deal when buying, selling, or bartering for something.


You can speak, and provoke the desired emotion in those who listen - whether it be mercy, rage, doubt or hope. This skill is used when speaking to an audience, not in a conversation with a single person (where Fascinate would be more appropriate).


You can tell stories, introduce music and shows in an entertaining and engaging manner, act in a play, and generally make an audience enjoy listening to you. With Expert: Musician or Singer, you can introduce your own music. Expected gear: Microphone and mp3 recorder or appropriate musical instrument.


You can threaten and scare people into backing down or doing as you say.


You’re an expert at allocating unit-level military resources. You know when a frontal assault would be a bad idea, you can flank and use pincer movements, and so on. Useful for battles involving 10-100 people.


You know how to fight on a large scale, maintaining supply lines, encircling enemy encampments, choosing where to fight or confounding the enemy with misinformation.



Skill at making someone want to keep talking with you. Measures your one-on-one conversational finesse, being a good listener, being likeable and attractive. Use it to seduce, charm, recruit, persuade or simply amuse your target. Expected gear: A mirror. If you’re from the machine zones, the mirror is small and cracked.


Trust is in short supply these days, with Zonegangers, robot infiltrators, and bandits proliferating. Paranoia is a way of life after the apocalypse, and the ability to get people to trust you is invaluable for earnest Bush Doctors and conniving Judas Goats alike. Expected gear: Some cigarettes, or maybe jelly babies.


You can tell good jokes. Let’s face it, with six billion people dead in the most horrific wars and plagues the world has ever seen and the survivors hunted by killer robots who more often than not want them for slave labour or hideous medical experiments before they kill them, anyone who didn’t have a sense of humour has already become an hero long ago. See Reign p35.


Telling lies is easy. This skill allows you to tell lies and not get caught. Roll your Lie+Charm and count any sets as gobble dice to sabotage attempts at catching you out.


If all else fails, beg and grovel. Doesn’t usually work on robots but it won’t make you any more dead than you were already, at least. You can use to beg for food, assistance, loans of equipment and anything else you like as well, as long as you don’t mind looking like a pathetic fuck.

Reign of Steel ArmouryEdit

Damage - Work the same as it did in Reign. I’ve added minus-width values to some of the weapons, which Reign never did, and the Anti-Material Rifle has a multiplier due to being staggeringly huge.

Range - Guns use yards to measure range, rather than feet. Very Short is 7 yards max, Short is 50, Medium is 200, long is 500, very long is 1,000.

Shots - How many rounds the gun holds. This can be a pain to keep track of, so you might want to ignore this stat entirely, or use reload counters (more on those later). You declare how many times you’re shooting at the beginning of a round, and lose that many rounds whether you get hits or not. Reloading an empty weapon normally takes a full round, but you can do it faster with a roll of some sort.

Modifiers - Speed increases or decreases the timing of all attacks made with the weapon. Accuracy increases height by the listed amount, but only for an aimed shot. Cheap decreases the weapon’s wealth level, Expensive raises it. Ammo types are listed at the end of each section, they have their own modifiers. I tried to keep them pretty simple and to the point.

Tech Levels - a rough guide to availability, more than anything. From worst to best, they are: Salvage, Baseline, Miltech, and Zonetech. Detailed descriptions are available below. All of the weapons below are Baseline tech. Miltech ammo is rare to find, and expensive when you do.

Salvage weapons are bulkier, less accurate, and have fewer shots. Miltech weapons are the opposite.

Accessories - Silencers, telescopic sights and the like. Still working on these, and there aren’t going to be many of them.

Modifications - You can alter a gun to suit it better to a specific job. The Reign equivalent would be "Extra huge" weapons. Match Grade gives you an extra point of accuracy and bumps out range by one step, but makes the gun delicate. Close-Combat gives the gun an extra point of speed, and maybe drops accuracy some. You can also convert weapons to fire full-auto.


Pocket PistolEdit

Often sneered at as "Mouse Guns", these small, low-caliber handguns place concealment and portability above everything else. They won’t drop a grown man in his tracks, but what they will do is be with you all the time, anywhere you go. Good specimens are small enough to disappear up a sleeve or down a coat pocket, there to be forgotten until their services are needed.

  • Damage: Width-1 shock, 1 killing
  • Range: Very Short
  • Shots: 6
  • Notes: +2 width speed, +1 Width to concealment (or height? I didn’t see concealment rules...)

Service AutomaticEdit

Back when there were still organized armies, these beefy, no-nonsense sidearms hung from the hips of officers, military police, and any others who need solid, unobtrusive firepower.

  • Damage: Width-1 killing
  • Range: Very Short
  • Shots: 15
  • Notes: +2 width to Speed

Magnum RevolverEdit

This versatile, large-frame pistol is an excellent all-around weapon, usable for hunting or personal defense, and with the proper ammo can even shoot through light armor. Its powerful cartridge and excellent construction give it a bit more reach and accuracy than a normal sidearm, as well.

  • Damage: Width Killing
  • Range: Short
  • Shots: 6
  • Notes: +1 width speed, Hieght+1 accuracy

Hand CannonEdit

Called a "Howdah Pistol" by the British, and an "Obrez" by the Russians. This is a long-arm, usually a hunting rifle or double-barrel shotgun, whittled down until only the slightest grip and the snub of a barrel remain. What you get for the trouble is a VERY powerful sidearm, ideal as a last-ditch defense against armored assailants or large, hungry beasts. Better make that first salvo count, though, because these guns have to be reloaded after each shot.

  • Damage: Width+1 killing
  • Range: Very Short
  • Shots: 1 for rifle, 2 for shotgun
  • Notes: Uses rifle or Shotgun ammo, depending on type.

Pistol AmmunitionEdit

Full Metal JacketEdit

Also known as "Ball" ammo, these no-frills bullets consist of a lead slug surrounded by a thick copper jacket. They give a reasonable compromise between penetration and soft-tissue damage. They’re cheap, too, and easily the most plentiful type of ammo available.

  • Tech Level: Salvage
  • Effects - None; this is the normal ammo type for all handguns.


Designed to expand on impact with soft tissue, these bullets are ideal for dropping humans and other flesh-and-blood critters in their tracks. They’re usually worse than useless against ‘Bots, though, so choose carefully.

  • Tech Level: Salvage
  • Effects: +1 width to the damage roll, any armor has its AR doubled.

Armor PeircingEdit

With a hardened-steel core in place of the heavier, softer lead, armor-piercing ammunition gives higher muzzle velocity and better hard-target penetration.

  • Tech Level: Miltech
  • Effects: Drop the target’s AR by one point.


The acronym stands for "High Explosive", and really should tell you all you need to know. This fiendish anti-personnel ammunition was developed in the years before the Final War by some of the wealthier military-industrial states. Consisting of a heavy HE slug wrapped in a thin plastic jacket, they’re fused to detonate a split-second after impact, when the bullet has buried itself in flesh.

  • Tech Level: Miltech
  • Effects: -1width to the damage roll. If at least one point of killing damage is dealt, the round explodes internally, dealing three more points of killing to the same location.

Long ArmsEdit

Target RifleEdit

Light and accurate, with modest muzzle blast and non-existent recoil, these dandy little guns have been used to train the uninitiated in the art of the rifle since time immemorial. They also do a fine job taking squirrels, rabbits, rats, and other small game for the stewpot, and when fitted with a silencer, can serve well against larger, two-legged game as well.

  • Damage: Width-1 shock, 1 killing
  • Range: Short
  • Shots: 10
  • Notes:+1 height Accuracy.


Jack of all trades and master of none, these light, handy shoulder arms are chambered for commonly-available pistol ammunition. The longer barrel and added stability of a stock give them more reach than a pistol, and they’re handier than a full-sized rifle.

  • Damage: Width-1 killing
  • Range: Short
  • Shots: 15
  • Notes: Cheap, uses pistol ammunition

Hunting RifleEdit

Powerful and accurate with an exceptional reach, a good hunting rifle makes a marvelous tool and a fearsome weapon.

  • Damage: Width+1 Killing
  • Range: Long
  • Shots: 5
  • Notes: -1Width Speed, +1 Height Accuracy


More specialized than rifles, shotguns deliver raw power at the expense of range and accuracy.

  • Damage: Width+2 Killing, Width Shock
  • Range: Short
  • Shots: 8 or 2, depending on type
  • Notes: -1Width Speed


Once upon a time, adventuresome humans traveled the globe in pursuit of the largest, most hostile wildlife they could find. These enterprising hunters usually armed themselves with extremely powerful single-shot rifles, trusting in a healthy dose of powder and lead to guard them from the approaching claw, tooth or tusk. Since the Final War, these elegant weapons have been turned to a new purpose: knocking big, smoking holes in robot armor.

  • Damage: Width+3 Killing, Width Shock
  • Range: Medium
  • Shots: 1 or 2
  • Notes: Expensive, +1 width Speed, can’t be used without a Body of at least 3

Anti-Material RifleEdit

Actually a Heavy Weapon, but who’s going to quibble? These monsters can reach out to a thousand yards, and knock out vehicles and even light armor with a single shot. You can’t shoot them from anything but a resting position, though, and they’re a bitch to carry.

  • Damage: Width x3 Killing AND Shock
  • Range: Very Long
  • Shots: 10
  • Notes: -3 width to speed, 1 shot per turn, +2 height Accuracy, can’t be used without body 3

Rifle AmmunitionEdit

Armor PiercingEdit

AP ammo was the basic load used in military rifles for most of the twentieth century, and there’s scads of it still floating around. Like its rarer pistol-loaded counterparts, it does a good job of chopping through armor.

  • Tech Level: Salvage
  • Effects - drops the target’s AR by one point


Designed to expand on impact with soft tissue, these bullets are ideal for dropping humans and other flesh-and-blood critters in their tracks. They’re usually worse than useless against ‘Bots, though, so choose carefully.

  • Tech Level: Salvage
  • Effects: +1 width to the damage roll, any armor has its AR doubled.

Armor Piercing Discarding SabotEdit

  • Tech Level: Miltech
  • Effects: Drop the target’s AR by two points.


  • Tech Level: Miltech
  • Effects: -1width to the damage roll. If at least one point of killing damage is dealt, the round explodes internally, dealing three more points of killing to the same location.

Shotgun AmmunitionEdit


Discharging a load of nine 38-caliber lead balls, this... (to be completed)

  • Tech Level: Salvage
  • Effects - drops the target’s AR by one point


Designed to expand on impact with soft tissue, these bullets are ideal for dropping humans and other flesh-and-blood critters in their tracks. They’re usually worse than useless against ‘Bots, though, so choose carefully.

  • Tech Level: Salvage
  • Effects: +1 width to the damage roll, any armor has its AR doubled.

Armor Piercing Discarding SabotEdit

  • Tech Level: Miltech
  • Effects: Drop the target’s AR by two points.


  • Tech Level: Miltech
  • Effects: -1width to the damage roll. If at least one point of killing damage is dealt, the round explodes internally, dealing three more points of killing to the same location.

Smallarms TableEdit

Weapon Damage Speed Accuracy Range Shots
Pocket Pistol Width-1 shock, 1 killing +2 - V. short 6
Service Automatic Width-1 killing +2 - V. Short 15
Magnum Width killing +1 +1 Short 6
Hand Cannon Width+1 killing +1 - V. Short 1 or 2 (Slow)
Target Rifle Width-1 shock, 1 killing - +1 Short 10
Carbine Width-1 killing - - Short 15
Hunting Rifle Width+1 killing -1 +1 Long 5
Shotgun Width+2 Killing, Width Shock -1 - Short 8
Botknocker Width+3 Killing, Width Shock -1 +1 Medium Slow(1 or 2)
Anti-Material Rifle Width x 3 Shock AND Killing -3 +2 V. Long 10
Submachinegun Width-1 Killing - - Short 30
Assault Rifle Width Killing -1 +1 Medium 30
Battle Rifle Width+1 Killing -1 +1 Long 20

Tech levelsEdit


Weapons and equipment kludged together from whatever bits and pieces were at hand. Crude and inefficient, but they can get the job done in a pinch


This is the rough technology level of a sheltered, recovered, more-or-less stable population. Equipment can be designed and built to spec, spare parts are available, and people have the luxury of making things work the way they should. Unfortunately, while basic engineering and manufacture aren’t a problem, extremely delicate work like advanced electronics is still out of reach.


Most of the good toys were wiped out during the Final War. Due to their portability and immediate utility, the most common relics are military weapons. They’re rare and quite valuable, usually horded or carried as status symbols by leaders and elite troops. Sensors, computers, tools, and other relics of humanity’s peak turn up now and again, and are likewise prized by their owners.

Zone TechEdit

This is the good stuff, and it’s almost impossible to get. AI weapons and armor are far and away beyond anything mankind ever developed in their prime. Unfortunately, most of this gear is too delicate to survive the violence necessary to separate it from its former owners.