Starhawk Bomber

It honestly looks like a Thunderhawk

The main Bomber of the Imperial Navy, this bomber was designed to replace the Marauder Bomber as the main space bomber of all the Imperial fleets as a rare case of the Imperium making something new that is better and more effective than an older model. It is larger than the Marauder and can therefore hold a bigger payload, which typically consists of plasma bombs to try to blow up a hole in an enemy ship.

You will only find them in Battlefleet Gothic and not elsewhere on the tabletop as they can't operate on a planet.

Jokes about them doing barrel rolls or going "Can't let you do that, Starhawk!" will be sent to the local Imperial Navy Commissar for summary flogging.

Battlefleet Gothic ArmadaEdit

The Starhawk Bomber is the mainstay bomber for the Imperial Navy in Battlefleet Gothic: Armada. They function by going to a designated target within maximum range before unleashing hell on the enemy ship. Like all bombers, Starhawks fly at certain angles and speed that avoids the Void Shields of enemy ships before laying down their bombing runs which usually take off a huge chunk of the ship's health.

It speaks volumes on how fucking powerful these plasma bombs are if they can rip open hulls of multi-kilometer ships. If the enemy ship has fighters nearby, it is guarantee that your bombers will fail. Once the Starhawk finishes its bombing job, it immediately flies back to its parent ship to refuel and rearm. Starhawks still fail in comparison to the Elfdar of course.

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