Star Wars: Legion/Tactics/Rebels

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Why Play RebelsEdit


  • Better infantry shooting.
  • Cheaper units on average.
  • Han solo, the infantry killing machine
  • All around, one of the strongest and most competitive armies that make it to tournaments. The rebels have many abilities that both let you keep your troops on objectives, and let them survive.


Literally everything in your army (with the exception of Luke) has white defense dice. literally. everything. (Edit: Sabine Wren has been added. She has arguably better defense than Luke, and she's cheaper. less killy though...)

This means that you will be constantly spending actions on dodge tokens without either support commander available for the rebels

You will almost always find yourself fielding either too much, or too little Anti-Tank in your lists, and find it equally punishing

Without esteemed leader, your heroes are a little too... squishy. And with it, your infantry seem to not stay around as often

You're not empire



Luke Skywalker: One of the first commanders released for the game, this rebel commander really packs a punch. He comes with a variety of abilities, which is where we begin to see the nature of Luke's playability. Jump 1 lets him hop over smaller things like barricades, barrels, and other terrain classified as "height 1" and it perform like a move action, rather than a separate jump action. Oh, what's that? This isn't the reason Luke is so strong? You'd be correct. Luke's next ability is what arguably makes him so powerful. Charge. This standalone ability is what really can shake up your opponent. It allows Luke to perform a free melee attack after he performs a move action, though not more than one per turn, just like everyone else (unless you see below for his command card Son of Skywalker of course...) which means as Luke is a medium-speed character, he is much more of a mobile threat than other characters. He also has the other standard lightsaber character abilities, with deflect and immune: pierce coming in handy more than once in a game. AKA he is your best chance at dealing with Vader (relatively), or other characters with pierce.

All said and done, Luke is a very strong character. But where he really shines, is in his command cards:

   1 Pip: Son of Skywalker - Nominating only Luke, after Luke performs his first attack, he may perform one additional attack. 

Say it with me now. awesome. There is no other character, save for Darth Vader, who can put out this much attack potential in one turn. And since this is free right after he attacks, it is even considered superior to Darth's 2nd attack ability since he has to shuffle his order back into the pool, meaning Luke has more damage output in dire situations.

   2 Pip: My ally is the Force - Nominating 2 troopers, whenever a friendly trooper is issued an order, it gains 1 dodge token.

So, this card is an interesting one as well. Most often than not, you'll be issuing one of those 2 orders to Luke, in order to get the most out of his deflect ability. Now what you might not recognize is how well this synergizes with Han and Chewie's partnership ability, which means when you give one to Han, you give a free one to Chewie as well, and vice versa. It also allows you to issue order to troops that would otherwise receive one, if you've given Luke the battle meditation or some troops the HQ uplink upgrade (but don't give them the HQ uplink its a waste) but battle meditation is a very interesting upgrade, and if you take this 2-Pip card in your hand, it may very well be a good consideration.

   3 Pip: Return of the Jedi - Nominating Luke Skywalker and 2 units, when Luke Skywalker is issued an order, he gains 1 dodge token. When Luke Skywalker activates, each friendly trooper unit at range 1-3 of him may remove 1 suppression token. 

Luke seems to be all about those dodge tokens. And for good reason too. His innate deflect ability makes him a great commander to keep alive since he will be usually stationed near your troops. AKA keeping your troops within range 1-3 of him is usually what you're going to be doing, which means that this card is almost always useful. Especially useful at countering Darth Vader's command card "master of evil".



Special ForcesEdit