Squig Launcha

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Mounted only on the Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy. This is the Squig Catapult reincarnated. The Squig Launcha is the more Ork-portable of the Squigbuggy weapons as the Orks manning the weapon use it like a grenade launcher, allowing for better field of fire.

The Squig Launcha is an overglorified T-Shirt Cannon that fires Squigs instead of shirts. It is as Awesome as it sounds. The mechanism of this weapon seems to be that of compressed air like a T-Shirt Cannon; powerful enough to launch the assortment of walking mouths at a decent range. The Orks and Grots who operate the vehicle and by extension, the gun, have to constantly struggle to shove their snappy live-ammunition into the barrel of the Launcha before firing it at some unfortunate bastard that is in the gun's crosshairs.

The Squig Launcha can fire three distinct types of Squigs. The first is the Bitey Squig, which is the 'basic' ammunition of the Squig Launcha. The second is the Bile Squig which acts as a form of chem grenade by squirting, spraying or vomiting a variety of acidic fluids in every direction. The last is the Boom Squig, which is nothing more than a overglorified Bomb Squig that explodes on impact. There is also the presence of a Buzzer Squig, Mine-looking Squig and a Squig Hound, although they aren't part of the official ammunition for this weapon.

Crunchwise all three types of ammunition have the same range of 36". The three Squigs that the Squig Launcha fires is as follows: the Bile Squig is an Assault D6 weapon with zero strength and AP; only having a damage of one. Sounds underwhelming? Fear not, for the Bile Squig compensates this by always wounding on a 4+ unless the target is a vehicle or a titanic unit, then it auto wounds on a 6+. The Bile Squig is meant to harass GEQs, however there are much better alternatives in all honesty. The next is the Bitey Squig, which is an Assault 1 weapon that is S5, AP-3 and D2. Much better at harming MEQs than the Bile Squig; enjoy envisioning a Squig NOMMING the helmet and face of a Space Marine. Last but not least, there is the Boom Squig which is a Assault D3 weapon with S6, AP-1 and a damage of D3. This is obviously the grenade of the Squig Launcha and should be treated as such.

Heavy Squig LaunchaEdit

Heavy Squig Launcha, the even bigger NOM NOM NOM cannon.

The even bigger version of the normal Squig Launcha. Like its smaller cousin, the Heavy Squig Launcha is capable of firing living Squigs at the enemy. The Heavy Squig Launcha is mounted onto the chassis of a Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy and operated by its gunner. Because it is bolted on the chassis, the Heavy Squig Launcha whilst more powerful, is limited in its field of fire and only able to fire at enemies in front of it.

The Launcha can fire three types of Squigs: Bitey Squigs, Bile Squigs, and Boom Squigs, the same ammunition as its smaller cousin. However, it has increased damage and affect as seen below.

In terms of crunch, all three types of ammunition has the same range of 36". The three Squigs that the Heavy Squig Launcha fires is the same as the vanilla Squig Launcha but slightly more powerful: the Bile Squig is an Assault 2D6 instead of the average Assault D6 which is twice the dice rolls to hit, which is pretty nifty. The Bitey Squig, is now an Assault 2 weapon and last but not least, there is the Boom Squig which is now an Assault 2D3 weapon, now you can throw double the amount of living grenades at your enemies.

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