Ogryn Brute

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Plague Ogryn
[[File:PlagueOgryns.jpg|300px|right|thumb|Oh barely even resembles an Ogryn anymore...]]
As sturdy abhumans that can rival the strength and hardiness of space marines, it wasn't a surprise for the likes of [[Nurgle]] to take special notice. Originally created from the experiments on captive and rebel Ogryns from [[Vraks]] by a Nurgle warband known as [[The Tainted]]; Plague Ogryns are some of the newer and terrifying servants of Nurgle. Unlike the Berserker, Plague Ogyrns have been mutated to the point on non-recognition, resembling a miniature Great Unclean One or an ogryn-sized Nurgling more than the ogreish brutes they were based on.
As you can expect, these mutations have turned these stocky abhumans into near-invincible disease vectors, their huge bulk and natural hardiness allows them to host countless numbers of plagues and diseases to fester within their bodies. Due to this, getting so much as scraped by these things is a guaranteed one-way-ticket to a most painful end best not described.
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