Catfight: Tactics

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{{Stub}}'''The GRAND DAD EMPIRECatfight Tactics''' ARE is a prolific [[VINESAUCE]]game of catfights and tactics tentatively set in an Escape from New York style women's prison located on a post-icecap-centric MEME group based in BEDROCK CITYmelt Florida Island. Their largest periods It involves creating small squads of activity seemed to be around the time SILVAGUNNER was terminatedcharacters using a point buy system. It is playable, when they were hosting several unofficial VINESAUCE gaming events (which they assure you repeatedly are ''not'' official Tournaments and are in no way affiliated with [[JOEL]])but far from complete.
They operated out The latest version of the now-defunct SilvaGunner YouTube channel until some time in 2014, after which they appear to have transitioned briefly to GiivaSunner in September of 2016 before largely being abandoned. == Forums ==The original forums appeared to function as four servicesrules will always be on the game's [http: preparation and communication in service of coming events, discussion about new HIGH-QUALITY RIPS, MEME showcase, and general VINESAUCE or unrelated discussion. == Events ==The VINESAUCE gaming events that The GRAND DAD Fugitives held were known for being diverse and involved, due in large part to their incredibly strong homebrew scene//cftactics. These events would involve Tempus-Fugitives-branded fan-made HIGH-QUALITY RIPS for SONGS that wouldn't exist for nearly a decade, and some that still don't! They also hosted some of the first KING FOR ANOTHER DAY tournaments, with fan HIGH-QUALITY RIPSblogspotIn later years, an event known as Fugitive Fest was hosting play sessions for [[GRAND DAD Fantasy]], [[KING FOR ANOTHER DAY]], [[GRANDmachine]], [[HE THICC]], and [[MEME Wars]com blog], as of 2019. == HIGH-QUALITY RIPS and MEMES == Some HIGH-QUALITY RIPS appear to have seen releases or updates in 5th and 6th edition. Note that The GRAND DAD Fugitives seem to have been most active between 2007 and 2013* GRAND DAD 2: SPASTIC BOOGALOO* GRAND DAD: The Gauntlet of ASS (SANS, PAPYRUS, SPONGE, HE THICC, and SMOL NOZOMI) * '''GRAND DAD''' 3: GRAND DAD IS GOD GRAND DAD IS LOVEGRAND DAD IS LIFEGRAND DAD WILL CONQUER THIS WIKIFOR MEMESFOR VINESAUCEAND FORSILVAGUNNER [[Category: Memes]][[Category: GRAND DAD]][[Category: GRAND DAD Fantasy]]