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Egyptian Gods, Mythology and Religion
*'''Sekhmet''' - Deciding that having one cat-girl/furry goddess wasn't awesome enough, there was also Sekhmet. A lion-headed goddess of war, she was the fiercest hunter in all of Egypt and her breath was so powerful that it formed the desert. She also protected the pharaohs during battle and if they fell in battle, she would carry them like a valkyrie into the afterlife.
*'''Anubis''' - God of funerals and thus one of the most important one by function. He helped prepare the souls of the dead for the afterlife and even helped Isis in bringing Osiris back to life. Responsible for Jackals being sacred along with Cats in Egypt. He is also widely considered the sexiest of all gods by [[Furry|furries]], rivalled only by Sobek and Bastet.
*'''Thoth''' - God of knowledge, writing and the moon. Either self-born or created from Horus jizzing on Set's forehead (yeah...). As the son of these two deities who represented order and chaos, he was also the god of equilibrium and balance and associated closely with both the principle of Ma'at. Thoth presided over the judgment of the dead with Osiris in the Hall of the Truth, and those souls who feared they might not pass through the judgment safely were encouraged to call upon Thoth for help.
*'''Sobek''' - God of the Nile crocodiles. WOuld Would alternate between being an highly aggressive deity and a supremely benevolent one.
Egypt as a culture is also associated with Judaism & Christianity as well, making it probably a unique case in history where an entire CULTURE is a thing of someone else's religion. In Judaism and Christianity, Egypt is the setting of The Exodus. Exactly ''when'' this was supposed to have occurred in unclear and disputed by modern historians.