Emperor's To-Do List

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The Holy List (in no particular order)
# Assign entire regiments worth of sisters to every veteran regiment in the empire, those guardsmen need some lovin, and fire support.
## Name said sisters "whores of battle" and make them wear white robes, all for morale of course totally not to start filiming some hot guard on sister action.
### Which has nothing to do with sending a bunch of men-starved women to fight beside ''the'' most manly, courageous, manly, hardcore manly badasses in all of human existence.
# Figure out how to reverse entropy.
# Resurrect lieutenant Kage and bitch slap the daemon out of him, Then put him under Colonel Schaeffer again he's still got a Me damned job to do, Kage had figured it all out in the end also Resurrect lorii and make her a sister of battle.
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