Only War

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That aside, beside the trolls who like to post about how the mehrines are unappreciated, /tg/ has always been in love the idea of an anonymous everyman fighting in the 41st millennium. You know, the one who signed up to go fight in a big galaxy, where one needs to be pretty ballsy just to step off his homeplanet and into a festering, flaming hell where one will likely get swatted into a paste by an indifferent [[carnifex]], axed in the spine by a guffawing [[ork]], or have your legs liquefied into drugs that a Slaaneshi cultist will hope to snort off of some daemonette's ass while you watch. The one armed only with his [[Lasgun|flashlight]] and his faith in the Emperor to fend off the grim darkness of the galaxy. Some fa/tg/uys are probably all over this one already.
As a bonus, Only War has a large amount of high quality female guardsmen artwork which makes sense considering the fact that the Imperium always needs more soldiers and without them they'd be halving their recruitment pool(in exchange for doubling their reproduction pool and pumping out like eight babies per brood if the AdMech gives them fertility drugs, so, [[Grimdark|it's actually better for them to produce more soldiers than to be soldiers]]). Now GW just needs to reflect that in the models by adding a few female heads. It's not hard.
/tg/ has since created a fan regiment called the [[1st Membranes]] using the regiment creation rules. They are made primarily from [[Psyker]] stock, and as a result are a regiment of gibbering, schizophrenic and/or awesome troopers who, when confronted with Orks, [[Derp|will either scream at the things coming out of the walls]] [[Ahriman|or mow down hordes of greenskins with mind bullets.]]
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