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Ork Technology is More Advanced than it Seems
And this is BEFORE we even consider what the hordes of the Beast were able to do that no other concurrent faction could, such as create Void Shielded Deff Dreads, Ork Ambassadors, and teleporting attack moons into the Terra's orbit.
'''HOWEVER''' there are a few holes in this theory. First one must remember that the Imperium is not the only faction to try and study/retrofit Ork technology. The Tau have a much greater understanding of science and engineering than the Imperium (but still dirt primitive compared to the AdMech) and still cannot figure out Ork tek. Though there isn't much from the Eldar perspective on how Ork Tek works, which could just mean that they don't care. The second point is that Orks use materials that shouldn't work as components for weapons and technology. Finally there's [[Colorz]]; red paint causes things go faster, yellow causes explosions to be bigger, and purple makes everything stealthy. Though Colorz only exist in the rules with Red Ones Go Fasta and Deff Skulls being lucky, <s>most of the other stories are overblown fanfics by the fanbase</s> <span style='color:green;font-size:115%'>'''*SMASH*''' '''''WAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!'''''</span>.
===Special Note on Orky Vehicles===
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