Adeptus Mechanicus

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Basically what happens when you combine the extreme technophilia and cyborg-fetishism of the [[Cyberpunk]] Genre with the religiosity and aesthetics of Medieval Catholicism, the '''Adeptus Mechanicus'''; [ Formerly] known as the '''Mechanicum''' and often shortened as '''AdMech''', is an organization in the [[Imperium of Man]] (In the loosest sense of the word) that simultaneously operates as a government ministry, religious organization and Technology Corporation, responsible for science, technology, engineering, manufacturing and most of the Imperium's Industrial production, as well as the operation of the [[Titan (Warhammer 40,000)|Titan]] Legions.
The Adeptus Mechanicus, whose individual members are known as [[Techpriest]]s, own dozens, maybe hundreds of heavily polluted planet-factories known as [[Forge World#Planet|forge worlds]], which are covered in massive manufactoria or, as they are known to speakers of Low Gothic, 'work'. The largest forge world of the Adeptus Mechanicus is its homeworld [[Mars]], on which the most badass weapons ever known to man are made, most of which they refuse to share. Despite being part of the Imperium, the AdMech was actually its own nation and a respectable superpower in its own right throughout the Great Crusade and largely is to this day. The 'being-part-of-the-Imperium' shtick was a symbolic gesture of goodwill signed by the Treaty of Mars, but was codified when they became the "Adeptus Mechanicus" after their former leader fell to chaos. They still secured quasi-independence and private property rights though, courtesy of [[Awesome|marching an Imperator titan into the senate chamber and holding them at building-sized gunpoint]]. You would think this wouldn't be sufficient to save their asses after they tried to teleport Mars away during the War of the Beast. Or that the Custodes would've penetrated the Titan and murderized the shit out of everyone and then invaded Mars with the Ten Thousand backed by the entire remaining Legiones Astartes and Imperial Army and hundreds of trillions of magnificently pissed off Terrans at this pretty damn Horus-like action. Seeing as marching a Titan into the Senate Chamber right after the Horus Heresy is an excellent way to remove Mars's entire population from existence, let's just pretend they leaned on the Treaty of Olympus Mons as "the Emperor agreed to our semi-independence, so we should have it".
The Adeptus Mechanicus is basically the definition of a Mega-Corporation, or a [[Monopoly]]. They are simply so rich and powerful, and have totally privatized the production and manufacturing of technology for themselves, that they can basically buy the government and its politicians. The Imperium may hate the AdMech for being Heretics, but they have private claim to all the various Forgeworlds, Manufactoria, Mining worlds and Research Stations needed for the production of Imperium war machines. Where else can you even buy a new cellphone or have repair maintenance for your servitors, if not your local Techpriest? Because of this privatized monopoly, the AdMech has become an Empire within an Empire, and can ''possibly'' survive without the Imperium (for about five seconds given how easily Forge Worlds are wiped out or conquered by other major factions literally on a whim, which is admittedly five seconds longer than anyone else), while the Imperium cannot survive without the AdMech. Well, sort of. Technically the AdMech is not actually needed and is very small (we're talking mere billions of members or a few trillion). The reason it isn't tehcnically (pun!) needed is that anything the AdMech knows is required to be shard with Terra. Like how there is a backup of the Temple of All Knowldge (exactly what it sounds like) on Terra. An exmaple of this technological independence enjoyed by the Imperium at large is Space Marines building new stuff of their own sometimes and, most prominently, the Sororitas's powered armor. The AdMech may be king when it comes to maintenance and making alterations that don't cause your coffee machine to eat your planet, but they're not the only scientific group in the Imperium and the Imperial departments themselves don't actually ''need'' the Mechanicus. They're just incredibly useful. Mostly because of the Treaty of Olympus Mons enabling the Imperium to basically get free stuff from them simply by providing resources to keep their forges running because the AdMech doesn't care about riches, it cares about keeping its forges pumping out technology as a form of worship. Forge Worlds are the end destination of most materials and resources provided in tithes.
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