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[[File:Mlp_in_a_nutshell.png|thumb|180px|right|A short glimpse into the ride that never ends. The dirty bastard didn't even give us the name of the girl!]]
/mlp/ is one of 4chan's more active boards. It's also probably the most tragic.
Season 4, 5, and 7 were heralded as [[Awesome]] by the show's fans, while Season 6 was much more skubby, as many felt that [[Kaldor Draigo|the creator's OC was taking up too much screentime and wrecking the lore.]] Season 4 gave us a huge fight between [[Khorne|Tirek]] and Twilight, which you can watch [ here.] 5 introduced a [[Communism|cult of equality]] dedicated to erasing cutie marks, [[Advancing the Storyline|the Cutie Mark Crusaders get their cutie marks]], and time travel. Twilight gets a student of her own who is [[Elminster|obscenely powerful and might be the creators' pet]]. Season 6 had several sweeping changes to the Equestria, the biggest being the overthrow of [[Succubus|Queen]] [[Doppelganger|Chrysalis]]. Season 7 has the return of six legendary heroes from pony history, including a wizard named [[Mordenkainen|Starswirl]].
[[Extra Heresy|Equestria Girls <s>2</s> <s>3</s> '''4''']] were near-universally despised. The pony movie was very much [[Skub]]. Some loved it, some hated it.
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