Mordian Iron Guard

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In the worst-case scenario in which you only have Mordian infantry going against a target due to usual Administratum competence, you'd still do very well. Your Veterans are Grenadiers with all the kit that implies and infiltrate (kinda like the German stormtroopers of the First World War) while your enemy is suppressed by the Mordian battleline. Mordian infantry use a lot of lascannons and grenade launchers, so the lascannons could easily kill enemy heavy weapons emplacements and light vehicles, Veterans could sneak close and enfilade the suppressed enemy and melta-surprise heavy vehicles, and as you get closer the grenade launchers would simply devastate everything. All while the enemy can't do much of anything to avoid their demise since popping out of cover to shoot back just gets them roflstomped by the thousands of extremely precise marksmen that are the Mordian infantry. Tactically, the enemy's best option in this situation is to fall back under the cover of artillery. You can only fallback so far before it counts as defeat no matter what you tell yourself. And then you're blown up by Basilisks.
The Mordian Iron Guard are well known for being extremely effective and successful and are among the absolute best soldiers in the entirety of the ridiculously insanely massive Imperial Guard. Here's hoping the Imperium adopts their methods (including the civilian military service and discipline), since it seems to deal with crime and cults on their own world with wondrous success and the soldiers are stupendously full of win. Imagine quadrillions of soldiers dressed like the US Marines' dress uniform with golden decoration on their shoulders marching into fire, over trenches, non-stop over every and any opposition. Orks, Necrons, Tyranids, and daemons fall before them and the last thing the monsters here is the incessant beat of marching feet.
==Fall of Mordian==
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