Mordian Iron Guard

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Fall of Mordian
Further reinforcements came in as an Eldar Strikeforce from [[Craftworld Ulthwé]] aided the Imperium. Being the cryptic pricks they are, they tell the defenders that they can't win and advised them to leave the sector. (Seeing as the Chaos Invasion is led by the [[Thousand Sons]] under [[Magnus]] as well as [[M'kachen]], they are kinda right). Even though the discipline of the Iron Guard kept them from being overrun, they agreed to retreat, and evacuated what they could. It probably stung, but you'll never see a Mordian getting mopey about it.
However, thanks to the perseverance of the [[Iron Hands]] and its successor chapters, Chaos forces were finally driven off Mordian and reclamation of surrounding worlds continued in order to secure the adjacent passage through the [[Great Rift]]. It's not quite clear if they reinforced the Mordians or joined a Mordian attempt to re-take Mordian or if they did it on their own. Seems likely that the planet was secured due to their arrival instead of evacuating the planet. Speaking of, that the Iron Hands did this proves the Eldar were wrong. Again.
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