Mordian Iron Guard

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Although a few sources note that this baffling lack of common sense causes their adversaries to underestimate them, it still doesn't really make up for employing infantry tactics that have long been redundant. That being said, the Mordians do have a few tricks up their sleeves, like flak and carapace armour actually sown into their rigid uniforms (which makes it both elegant AND protective), as well as having heavy armour companies with ''over a dozen'' [[Baneblade]]s '''each'''. They also have 'veteran' companies who wear the incredibly-more-badass darker uniforms who do actually observe real infantry tactics and perform the scout work.
It's important to remember, however, that the fact the tabletop rules gives them advantages with two or more models (or tanks within three inches of each other) to Overwatch. So, it seems their parade line fighting is more likely how they fight on the defensive to repel enemy attacks than how they actually assault positions. Especially since their Veterans who actually do the initial attacking use proper tactics. On the defense, a gunline backed by tanks annihilate any attempt to push forward and any potshots are shrugged off by their mix of flak and carapace armor. Attempts to hunker down are wiped out by either lascannons, grenade launchers, or battle cannons, and the enemy has to endure constant strikes from Basilisks, Griffons, Wyverns, and infantry mortars coming in, after being pinned, and when falling back. On the attack when Veterans aren't enough, the Mordians most likely spread out and stagger their lines to defend against explosives but otherwise fight as advertised as a grinding advance to keep the enemy down so the Veterans and tanks and lascannons can do the rest. Cover is nice against artillery but when you're wearing 40k flak and/or carapace armor anything short of a direct hit from artillery isn't really a threat (lore-wise, not tabletop) and so you can march through waves of explosions without flinching. Ironically, it could be said the Mordians are more up-to-date with 40k era tactics while the Cadians and other such regiments are fighting the Eternal war with outdated tactics (fighting like it's a 21st century war even though their armor makes artillery ''far'' less dangerous than to a modern soldier). However, one must note that the fact that they're never taking cover means that they're not spending any time not aiming or not firing, meaning that relative to other armies, they could keep you pinned a whole lot more easily(in fact instances in fluff and descriptions of their tactics seems to imply they took the "maneuver" out of "fire and maneuver" and just utterly suppress the enemy for lascannons and grenade launchers to finish off by blasting away the enemy and their cover together). So while they might die off really quickly, they'll do a hell of a lot before they drop. Since their armor has both flak and ''carapace'' armor woven into it,(not represented currently on tabletop) the Mordian Guardsmen are well protected against concussive force, shrapnel, and even against direct fire. So, not only is it a wall of lasers shooting at you, shooting the wall has about as much effect as spitting on a tank. Besides, they probably don't stand in a row, they probably have the first row kneel and the rest stand(leaving the men kneeling more accurate then the men standing as your lose a third stability point as you get closer to standing). Then they have four rows of lasguns firing in a concentrated barrage at the same target. Then remember how long and deep the gun line is, given how numerous the Guard is. That isn't even accounting for man-portable mortar teams, vehicle-mounted mortars, basilisks, manticores, and the armored companies of over a dozen baneblades each.
That's scary and is the perfect tactic for the Guard because their reserves have reserves. It also happens to be the perfect tactic against Tyranids and Orks. The Tyranids are simply that numerous and the Orks are specifically stated to miss anything they aim at, so bunching up into a single target is the best defense against them. Maybe good against Necrons, too, since cover really won't protect you against their weapons. Firepower will.
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