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Shadows Over Innistrad
==Shadows Over Innistrad==
'''[[Sorin Markov]]''' comes home to Innistrad to discover that his precious little Angel-Wangel Avacyn has gone completely berserk and is slaughtering everyone with wild abandon. Meanwhile another Planeswalker, Nahiri, is throwing a hissy fit because she found out Zendikar's pretty much destroyed after Sorin tossed her into the Helvault once they sealed the Eldrazi on Zendikar because Nahiri bitched to him about how her home plane is now the prison of eldtrich monsters and Sorin was too tired from birthing Avacyn to put up with her bullshit. This prolonged stay in literal Hell also made Nahiri a little unhinged, and she decided the best way to avenge Zendikar was to bring the Eldrazi over to Innistrad. '''Even though ''she built their prisons'' and agreed to making Zendikar their prison in the first place.'' Which means [[Derp|she didn't actually have a reason to be hostile in the first place]] prior to her own imprisonment.
Apparently [[Cthulhu Mythos|<s>Yog-Sothoth</s>]] [[Eldrazi|Emrakul]] has something to do with it. Hell, the next set's card symbol is Emrakul.
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