Heretical Love

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Oh yes, it's ''that'' kind of quest thread. Cut, organised and ribbed for extra reading pleasure.
Exploits so far have included (but are not limited to) fighting a fish-god, besting Doomrider in a motorcycle joust, charging Abaddon the Despoiler with a knife, being killed by (and then subsequently sleeping with) a group of Daemonettes, soloing a Defiler and surfing the chaos of the warp with the Big E himself. And my by surfing we me mean literally. And I mean '''literally surfing, with an actual surfboard.'''
Papa-N has also become (in)famous for trolling his public with alternate story endings, or bizarre tangents, and Brazilian laughter. These are listed at the bottom, or bracketed out of the main text. They are ''[[Extra Heresy|extra heretical]]''. You have been warned.
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