Severina Raine

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She was deployed with the 11th Antari Rifles to the Bale stars system to aid the Imperium's war effort in the system. When the regiment was ordered to attack an enemy fortress, the captain of the regiment refused saying it was a suicide mission. He apparently forgot that saying this out loud next to a Commissar is another way of suicide.<br>
Raine {{BLAM|'''*BLAMMED*'''}} the captain and then had to calm down the regiment as she had just shot their commanding officer, who was apparently quite popular with the men. She stopped the regimental uprising by stating that the captain had refused the will of the Emperor and that she was a Commissar and shooting people who refused the Emperor's will was her job. She then took command of the regiment and charged them into the fortress, where many of them died but they overcame the defenses and destroyed the fortress.<br>
She believes members of the Regiment still hold a grudge, which considering she shot the commanding officer and then forced the men into a bayonet charge that only a [[Death Korps of Krieg|Krieger]] would willingly commit to, this is probably an accurate assumption. In normal idiocy, she acted on emotions instead of thought. If she'd used her brains she'd have used words to remind the Colonel that if not this regiment, then another. Either way someone's going to die and refusal would just get his regiment exterminated without any chance of ''any'' of his men surviving. Most Commissars are depicted using words before violence. Severina is...a moron and incompetent. She's lucky this wasn't a Mordian regiment, or they'd have executed her for said incompetence.
Although she's not the only [[Commissar Raege|female Commissar]] portrayed in [[Black Library]] fiction, she ''is'' the only one with a (limited-run, admittedly) tabletop figure to her name.
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