Æonic Orb

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[[File:Aeonic_Orb_Model.PNG|right|thumb|500px|If there was one vehicle that could be considered as the physical embodiment of [[Anal Circumference]]....]]
A rare and ancient piece of [[Necron]] artillery, the '''Æonic Orb''' is a floating construct built during the [[War in Heaven]] to counter the forces of the [[Old Ones]]. This ungodly beast of a weapon is to a [[Monolith]] what a Monolith is to a Scarab. Why is this thing so hueg, one might ask? Because, my friend, it has [[rip and tear|really hueg guts]]. The main weapon on the Æonic Orb is, in fact, a star. Not a piece of a star, not the core of a star, ''the whole fucking star.'' Not just any star, mind you, the star in question is typically stolen from a particularly disgraced or hated race or kingdom's solar system, relinquishing the planets and remaining population to [[grimdark|fly off into space, frozen and dark, coasting forever.]]
Keep in mind the Imperial Guard (and lesser militaries) face this thing and still win. 40k folks, it's batshit insane all around.
==So what is this Orb of [[Anal circumference|unstoppable rape and carnage]]==
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