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Grey Knights Chaplains
===Grey Knights Chaplains===
Believe it or not, [[Grey Knights]] do have Chaplains of their own. The Chaplains of The Emperor's Space Paladins don't differ greatly when compared to other Chapters, but the challenges Grey Knight Chaplains have are unique (and very often difficult). Although Grey Knights are incorruptible, with time even their faith can be tested and doubt will assail their minds at some point one way or another. Chaplains are here to straighten them up, get them on the proper tracts, have their doubts evaporated and give new meanings to the mission of their Battle-Brothers. Just like all Grey Knights, the Chapter's Chaplains are also Psykers. They are recruited from the very purest of the Paladin Brotherhood, which is already one of the two elite brotherhoods, so this makes the Grey Knight Chaplains one man armies to a man. Also were known to not be available as HQ options for some stupid reason until 8th.
===Alpha Legion Chaplains===