===<span style="color:#dda16f;">Behemoths</span>===
*'''[ Chaos Warshrine]:''' (Totem, Priest, Behemoth, 170pts.) What it does is pretty cool, too. First, it has an Aura that grants {{AOSKeyword|Mortal Slaves to Darkness}} an additional 6+ save after their normal save. It Can also pray for buffs to Mortal STD units. There is one buff for Undivided and every God. The Undivided buff is the best by default, granting rerolls of To Hit and To Wound. However, the God-specific buffs can be cast on whatever you want, but get better if you cast it on a unit of the same God. The favor of Tzeentch let your reroll saves and ignore magic on a 4+. And yes, this does mean a Shrine can bless units of rival Gods, just for shits and giggles. Also of note is the fact that this thing can easily hold its own in combat with a monster-like profile and a bunch of strong attacks. Awful Rend, yes, but they plow through low armour tarpits like nobody's business. The model is a Priest and can cast Khorne prayers inaction to its own.
*'''[ Soul Grinder]:'''(Daemon, Behemoth, 210pts) Ever wanted a beast that can throw ranged shots AND be great in melee? This daemon might be for you. Same price as a Daemon Prince but with less special abilities. It makes up for it by giving you a boatload of attacks for very good damage. Two ranged attack profiles, one at 20" and six at 16", the 20" does flat 3 damage the rest do 1 damage. CC has six attacks for 1 damage each, 1 attack -2 Rend for D6 damage, and either: two attacks -2 Rend flat 3 damage, OR 4 attacks -1 Rend D3 damage. Big, ugly, and killy, he fills the hammer role. The biggest downside for it is the mostly 4+ to hit. And since it is a Daemon, it can't benefit from CSL Demonic Power spell or the Warshrine. But at 16 wounds and a 4+ save, you can probably find a spot in the army.
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