*'''[ Chaos Chosen]:''' (STD Min5, Max:20, 140pts.) Warriors with +1 Ld and armed with Great Weapons, which is basically a Protector's Halberd without the cool special rules. What's so special about Chosen, then? If they kill at least one model in combat, all other nearby Slaves to Darkness re-roll To Wound until the end of the phase. This is pretty devastating and nowhere does it say that multiple Chosen squads can't affect each other with this(actually, they even affect themselves if an ability allows them to fight more than once a phase, they're just that pleased with themselves). So a good way to look at Chosen is as a potential buffing unit with high damage potential. Don't compare them to Paladins as they really don't like that. Get them into the thick of things and start killing to buff everyone up.
*'''[ Chaos Chariots]:''' (STD Min1, Max:3 120pts.) Our favorite favourite Shock and Awe Chariot got the Ogor Charge rule, big win. And while they seem to want to be taken in units of 2 to maximize the number of exalted upgrades you can take, an argument can be made to take a unit of 2-3. A Chaos Lord on Karkadrak (or demonic mount) with an Undivided Mark will give them an immunity to Battleshock (while wholly within 12") and the Chaos Lord's command ability will affect more than 1 chariot. This will maximize maximise the hurt dealt when they charge. The Chariot's innate ability to run and charge once per game will only maximize increase this benefit and possibly ensure a turn 1 charge. A 12" move, plus a run, plus a re-rollable charge will catch many an unwary opponent off-guard. Although, units of one could lead to a HUGE increase in mortal wounds from their charge damage as you roll once for the unit rather than once per model.
*'''[ Gorebeast Chariots]:''' (STD 150pts) Don't get the same movement rule as the normal Chaos Chariots but they have the absolutely devastating Gorebeast to make up for it. The beast is just that in combat and also grants you the a nice rule the similar to Khorne Skullcrushers get where you can potentially inflict Mortal Wounds on whatever you charge in the Charge Phase. How you Like the normal chariot, this rule triggers for the unit rather than per model as Skullcrushers do - but it can use that last fact to your advantage, well... coughBloabRotspawnedcoughaffect more than one unit.
*'''[ Chaos Knights]:''' (STD Min5, Max:20, 180pts.) Chaos Warriors on pretty good horses. They aren't the bullshit they used to be, but they are still strong. They can either have the same weapon as a Warrior but with three attacks and rend or they can take Glaiveslances, which are exactly like a Liberator with a Warhammer but gain a bonus to Rend and Damage if they charge. You probably won't wipe out too many unis on the charge so the normal weapon will be better in most circumstances.
*'''[ Chaos Marauder Horsemen]:''' (STD Min5, Max:30 90pts.) Marauders on horseback. They are in almost every way normal Marauders on mediocre horses. However, they can still take Javelins, which beat every other weapon the guys can have by simple virtue of being a missile weapon in addition to a close combat weapon. Considering this is an army that can be at a desperate lacking in ranged weaponry, it can be a good rule-of-thumb to include a few goods ranged harassers. Feigned Charge Flight allows for Mongolian-style hit and run tactics, as it allows the Marauders to shoot and charge even if they retreated. Meaning these guys can run circles around slower moving units while they gradually shoot them down before multi-charging them to death.
*'''[ Varanguard]''': (STD Min:3, Max:12, 300pts) Supper Super Warriors lent out by Archaon. They are giant chaos knights with 5 wounds 3+ armour and ignore magic on a 5+, able to Fight twice once per game and get +1 to hit if you have Archaon. Each model The unit can be armour armed with an Ensorcelled Weapon for consistency, Fellspear to overcome bigger Armour savesfor better charge damage, or Daemonforged Blade can more inflict Damage and MW with good RNG.
*'''[ Chaos Spawn]:''' (STD Min:1 Max:6 50pts.) [[Chaos Spawn | That Which Must Not Be Named]]. Not actually terrible anymore, though far from reliable. A Move of 2D6" makes for potentially fast movement. Similarly, 2D6 attacks per Spawn is potentially strong, but even better is the special rule these attacks come with: If you roll a Double, instead of Hitting and Wounding on 4+, you Hit and Wound on 3+. Just think about it, 12 attacks apiece with good Hit and Wound rolls... Also, five Wounds with a 5+ save to make for pretty hardy models.
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