*'''[ Tzaangor Enlightened]:''' (BoC Min:3 Max9 100pts) Elite Tzaangors. They hit hard and get better when a Tzaangor Shaman is nearby. Other than that, they have a beautiful psychological tool in the ''Guided by the Past'' ability, which grants them full rerolls To Hit and Wound if an enemy unit within 3" has already attacked this turn. This puts your opponent into an unpleasant situation: Either attack them first and give the survivors powerful rerolls re-rolls or let them attack first and pray he'll still have models left once they're done. You use the Foot variant if your you're saving points.
*'''[ Tzaangor Enlightened on Disc]:''' (BoC Min:3 Max9 180pts) The better Enlightened the most people use. All your Enlightened gain 16" Fly Move, extra Wound and a massively scary melee profile on top of their own massively scary melee profile (both affected by ''Guided by the Past''). Now Enlightened and Shaman can move together at full speed.
*'''[ Tzaangor Skyfires]:''' (BoC, Min:3 Max9 200pts) Ranged Elite Tzaangors. These fellows are the unholy cross between a Tzaangor Enlightened, a Kurnoth Hunter and a Warplock Jezzail (guess who did what, I don't wanna imagine that scene). in In addition to having a serviceably daunting serviceable melee stats, Skyfires have the obscene 16" Movement of the Enlightened, the 24" range of the Kurnoth Hunters and unmodified 6 To Hit rolls immediately deal d3 Mortal Wounds instead(incredible for sniping characters with a good destiny dice pool). This is even stronger considering that close proximity to a Tzaangor Shaman grants them +1 To Hit, and the leader already has an additional +1, making still be dangerous even if 6s are not rolled. Expect to see at least one unit of 6 in every competitive list.
*'''[ Eyes of the Nine]:''' A mixed unit of 4 models including two named kairic acolytes, a named tzaangor wielding a savage greatblade and a blue horror. Must be taken alongside Vortemis the All-Seeing.
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