Arcanites /& Daemon
**Can also be decent in combat with Paradoxical Shield giving him a 3+ rerollable save. Since he can cast twice a turn, have him cast Mystic Shield and Arcane Infusion on himself to make him kill and nearly indestructible.
*'''[ Fatemaster]:''' (120pts. Arcanites Mortal) a pure Flying melee leader in a magic focused faction. while not the strongest fighter he does have a 2+ save in melee unless his opponent is a monster or flys. His Command ability is why you'd take him, as it lets all Tzeench unit Tzeentch units wholly within 9" reroll hits, which is good for Screechers, Tzaangors, and Slave to Darkness elements. This also effects shooting attacks so he could re-roll with hit rolls - you can squeeze a pod lot of stuff into that radius, especially small, hard hitting units like flamers , Ogroids or skyfiresSkyfires.
*'''[ Magister]:''' (100pts. Arcanites Mortal Wizard) One of your good cheap mortal wizard that can also shoot a bolt from his staff and like to turn things into Spawns. He can cast additional spells if your casting roll was a double, even if it failed but the additional attempt is also a double he dies and may turn into a Spawn instead. His strong unique spell creates a spawn each turn it kills something right into combat (this will be FAQed soon) creating dangerous disruption. you may use him as a cheaper Gaunt Summoner, Using Fate dice to grantey grant 2 successful casts, and tieing tying down foes with free spawn.
*'''[ Magister on Disc of Tzeentch]:''' (140pts. Arcanites Mortal Wizard) take a Magister and let him fly around the battlefield with +1 wound and better melee saves.
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