Command Traits
#'''Arch-sorcerer''': Allows your Hero to know two more spells from the Lore of Fate. Take it only if your Magister is your leader as he is the only one able to abuse this (with good rolling of course... or just as planned?) Otherwise a nice one for a Gaunt Summoner or a Curseling.
#'''Nexus of Fate''': Roll a dice at the start of your Hero phase, you can (but don't have to) replace one of your Destiny Dice with that roll.
#'''Magical Supremacy''': Increases unbind and dispel range to forty-two inches for your general. Abuse this on the Curseling! Adds twelve inches to his dispel range and if he does dispel it then he gets to cast that spell without your opponent being able to dispel in return.
#'''Boundless Mutation''': Hero phase on a 2+ d3 wounds are healed. it can keep you alive so you can cast more spells.
#'''Cult Demagogue''': Casting rolls that are doubles auto succeed (regardless of result). also if not unbound get 2 fate pts instead of 1.
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