Battle Traits
* 3s and 4s are the really awkward ones and are probably best used for casting rolls. A single Destiny Die 4 <s>sacrificed already guarantees a successful casting of ''Daemonic Power'', which is nice.</s> can be used with a Lord of Change casting to guarantee a minimum of 8. Roll the other die and see if you can get a 5 or 6.
**Watch out for this potentially changing. At the moment, the only thing allowing you to change one dice of a 2d6 roll is the FAQ for the old battletome. Tellingly, the old tome was a little confusing - it said that you could replace any dice rolled with Destiny, but then also that to change a 2d6 roll you'd need to use two destiny dice (this last point was what the FAQ clarified). The new battletome says you replace any roll from the list given, rather than individual dice(a subtle change, but maybe significant), and once again says that to change a 2d6 roll you'd need to use 2 destiny dice (a subtle change, but maybe significant) - so without the FAQ it's fairly clear that casting rolls, charge rolls etc use two destiny die. Keep an eye on the FAQ page but don't get too reliant on the old way just in case!
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