Named Leaders
**The spawn is created in the hero phase. This means you can retreat in the movement phase and run your spawn to an objective, force a unit in melee to pile-in towards the spawn, use it to string out huge infantry blobs or maybe just block your enemy's movement phase with the 3" don't-come-near-me.
*'''[ The Changeling]:''' (120pts, Deamon Wizard) A fun little hero unit. Can redeploy him be for the game on your opponent's side of the board 3" from everything at the end of your first movement phase and at the start of each enemy turn you can give a unit within -1 to hit and half their movement Until your turn. Good on certain occasions like when your enemy brings a few fast units to keep you from moving up the board or getting close to artillery. Also interesting is that he can use the spells of ''all'' Wizards around him. He has lost his copy enemy weapon attacks, but gained the ability to cast two spells per turn, so you should use 'll wan him only for Deep striking, spells thief, first turn Saboteurfurther from melee than before.
**Use the Changeling in conjunction with Changehost to land a Purple Sun of Shyish or Realmscourge Rapture in your enemy's lines. Coupled with Kairos, they will wreak havoc in your enemy's army.
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