*'''[ Tzaangors]:''' (Arcanite BoC, Min10, Max:30 180pts.) Incredible. They are, at first glance, Chaos Warriors with a lower save. Then you look at their weapons. No matter what you equip them with, they will always have a 4+/5+/-/1 beak attack each. Then you can choose between two weapons, a sword and board, and a glaive (only two on every five models). The shield gives you a nice save-after-the-save, the twin swords get you better hit rolls and the glaives only give you 1 attack instead of 2 but at damage 2 and Rend -1. They also have a rule to gain +1 attack on all their melee weapons if they have 9+ modules. Since this stacks nicely with the few strong attacks from the glaives, you want glaives if you want to go for raw damage output and shields to keep them safe, and they can have one mutant for every 5 models, who always have two blades and make 1 additional hit with them. The good thing? You can mix-and-match so that you can do both! They can also run and charge like normal Beastmen, thanks to their musician and can channel mortal wounds onto enemy units if near any wizard. Having an Arcanite Hero hanging with them also gets them better Wound rolls, so keep that Tzaangor Shaman nearby to buff and replenish.
*'''[ Horrors of Tzeentch]:''' (Conditional Battline: unit only contains Pink Horrors, Deamon, Min10, Max:30 200pts. 20 Fate Points for a unit of 10 Pink Horrors) As the Nature of their god these things keep on getting reinvented. One of the best and annoying infantry units in the game, as a unit of 10 actually has 40 50 wounds (assuming you can deploy all of them validly). A Starting unit of Pinks will have a high volume of 12" firebolts and is a wizard as long as there are 9+ pinks, but only can cast a spell that gives them +1 to all their hits (at the recommended unit size, your bolts hit on 3s). Their annoying power is each dieing pink turns into 2 Blues and each blue turns into a Brimstone, actually increasing the number of attacks. The pinks always have to be the first ones to die though.
**Horrors are not tough and will die in numbers and then more will flee from Battleshock, but if you roll a 1 (use a Fate dice) and you still have a pink with an Icon alive, you gain back D6 slain models instead.
**if you care for everyone sanity, don't want to buy 40+ Blue/Brimstone horrors, and/or don't think setting up more models will work out this phase, your pink horrors can instead just explode and deal mortals on a 5+.
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