Slaves to Darkness
====Slaves to Darkness====
* '''[ Daemon Prince]:''' (210pts. Slave to Darkness, Deamon) Fast and decently killy. Isn’t a Wizard any more. He’s gone through a reworking since his last outing. He no longer has the ability to taken Unmarked and the buff for killing heroes, but now he gains a unique command ability for each of the gods. Like a discount Lord of change, his CA only adds +1 to one friendly wizard’s casting roll. you take him because he is a melee-oriented Deamon hero that helps a little with casting.
* '''[ Daemon Prince]:''' (160pts. Tzeentch, Deamon) You can use this Prince of Chaos, if you need a Wizard with a bunch of melee power. He is still part of the Warscroll-Builder.
* '''[ Exalted Hero of Chaos]:''' (90pts. Slave to Darkness, Mortal) A shit Aspiring Deathbringer with D6 3+/3+/-1/1 attacks and can fight twice. He gets a +1 to hit vs Characters and Monsters and if he somehow kills one he heals D3 wounds. Yeah probably don't?
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