Treasures of the Cults: we lost 3 in update
#'''Secret-Eater''': If a '''HERO''' is slain by this weapon, you can roll and add another dice to your Destiny Dice pool. Against Hero-heavy armies, this might be good, otherwise, pass. No specifications if it is a melee or ranged weapon.
#'''Spiteful Shield''': Roll a dice for each successful hit against you, on a 6, the attacker takes a Mortal Wound after his attacks have been done. Could be a nice deterrent from punching your Hero, but there are better ways to go about it.
#'''Souldraught''': Once per battle you can drink and roll three dice to cast and unbind, taking the highest two until the end of the phase. Utterly worthless on a one-spell-and-unbind-per-turn Wizard, but a Gaunt Summoner who wants to make sure his ''Infernal Flames'' spell goes off will want this.
#'''[[Slaanesh|Glamour Fetish]]''': Opponent adds one to Battleshock rolls within 9" of this model. Eh. Pass and take something to kill enemies better.
#'''Windthief Charm''': Once per battle, the bearer can move twice as far and count as flying while doing so. Nice for strategic repositioning and <s>nothing says that there it can be used only in the movement phase or only in your turn. If you decide to take a foot Gaunt Summoner, this can move him out of trouble just as someone charges him- but be wary of flipping tables.</s> per FAQ can only be used at the start of the Movement phase.
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