*'''[ Flamers]:''' (Conditional Battline: Eternal Conflaguration army, Daemon Min:3 Max:12 120pts 18 Fate Points for a unit of 3) Pretty bloody great. They die very easily, so keep them in cover, but their ranged flame attack is possibly the best thing Tzeentch daemons can bring you, massed shots (10 from 3 of them) causing D3 wounds on anything that gets through is awesome, and they that gains +1/+2 hit if the target had 10/20 models. they are not fun to fight in melee as each lost wound inflicts an MW on a 5+. Lastly, they have 9" Move and can fly (by jumping, according to their warscroll!), so you can use them as ultra-powered horse archers, leaping here and there while puking multi-colored death from a safe distance.
*'''[ Burning Chariots of Tzeentch]:''' (Optional Battline: Fateskimmer General, Daemon Min1, Max:3 150pts, 18 Fate Points)<s> Ridiculous, utterly ridiculous. Has the potential of inflicting 46 Wounds per round, if This is what you do it just right.</s> When get when you can make 50 4-5+s and get past all rend then only roll 3's put an exalted flamer on damage (half of the D3's only work against monsters) yeah. But realistically it's so fragile and inaccurate you should only use it to pick off opportune targets in melee while shooting at whatever you feel likea disk pulled by two Screamers. It can damage units it flies over, has the same powerful missile weapon as the standard Exalted Flamer and a bunch of melee attacks, including the two Screamers', who make 6 attacks, each of which deals D3 damage whilst targeting a Monster, all of which gain a bonus to hit against bigger units. None of these have Rend But realistically it's so fragile and inaccurate you should only use it to pick your off opportune targetsin melee while shooting at whatever you feel like. They're super fast and they fly but they'll die if the opponent even thinks about shooting and flamers aren't slow anyway. It can be great however if you want it to circle around and take the side objectives that the opponent only has a token force for just make sure it attacks first in most cases because it won't last long otherwise.
*'''[ Chaos Warriors]:''' (Mortal STD, Min5, Max:30 100pts.) The same heavily armored Vikings you know and love. Do you like the Liberators' bullshit profile but want to go a bit more Chaosy? Then these guys are what you are looking for. They have the same stats, and their normal hand weapons are the same as the swords Liberators carry. Their other options include a halberd that is worse than the hand weapon but with a better range. And a greatblade with the same stats as a Liberator hammer but with a -1 rend, however unlike them taking this will cost you your special shield. Their shields work a little differently as their shields give you a special save of 5+ against mortal wounds. While giving them greater durability against Mortal wounds than Liberators they have worse saves against regular damage attacks. A potential downside to them? They come in units of at least ten, meaning it can be harder to use them as cheap battleline choices. If you want to be an asshole, use them in units of 20+, where they re-rolling saves for longer. All in all, strong chaos rivals to liberators, while Liberators can be argued as a more balanced unit with an equal focus on attack and defense and also containing special weapons. Chaos Warriors are more offensively focused, they are less about holding the line than smashing through it. With their weapon options favoring frontal assault more.