Battle Traits
'''Master of Destiny:'''
After set-up but before rolling for first turn, roll nine dice and bank them as "Destiny Dice" that you can use in place of casting, unbinding, dispelling, run, charge, to hit, wound, save, damage, or battleshock rolls. You must use one Destiny Dice per die, so to completely control a charge, you must use two Destiny Dice. At any moment, your army can't have more than nine dice.
Thisrule seems to have changed - rather than replacing a dice, you must replace a <i>ROLL</i>, and it clearly states that in order to replace a 2D6 roll (like a casting roll), you <i>must</i> use two Destiny Dice. This makes them a lot less efficient for Lords of Change.
Naturally, as you have a very limited pool of Destiny Dice and most ways of regaining them require either expensive Battalions, wasting spells or more convoluted means, you want to make the most of them. So, in other words, do not disregard 1s and 2s, as they can still be useful.
* 3s and 4s are the really awkward ones and are probably best used for casting rolls. A single Destiny Die 4 <s>sacrificed already guarantees a successful casting of ''Daemonic Power'', which is nice.</s> can be used with a Lord of Change casting to guarantee a minimum of 8. Roll the other die and see if you can get a 5 or 6.
**See above for why this no longer seems to be a thing.
'''Locus of Change:''' Tzeentch Daemons wholly within 12" of friendly Tzeentch Daemon Heroes are -1 to be hit in melee.
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