Battle Traits
Mass Conjuration:
* Agenda- Pick a Tzeentch Wizard. If they cast at least 2 spells that aren't unbound and got a an unmodified 9+ for each.:
* Ability - they get +1 to casting for the rest of the game.
Ninefold Dismemberment:
* Agenda- Pick one enemy unit on the battlefield that has 9 or more models, if it is destroyed this(?) before the end of the turn. : * Ability- add 1 to melee hit rolls for the Tzeentch unit that destroyed it .
Overthrow Leaders:
* Agenda- pick Pick 1 hero or monster on the battlefield with Wounds of 9 or more, kill itbefore the end of the turn:
* Ability- add 1 to the save rolls for attacks that target the unit that killed it.
Reckless Abandon:
* Agenda- at At the start of your charge phase pick one unit 9" away from any enemyunits. if If it makes a 9charges to within 1/2" or more charge. of an enemy: * Ability- that unit gets +1 attack to melee weaponswhen charging. This rule could be open to interpretation - it looks like it's meant to say you only gain one attack when you charge, but it could be argued that whenever you charge you permanently gain one attack.
Tides of Anarchy:
* Agenda- if If you take an objective from an opponent with a unit with of at least 9 models. : * Ability- in that unit each model counts as 2 for capping objectivesholding that objective.
===<span style="color:#01bbe3;">Command Traits</span>===
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