Arcanites /& Daemon
*'''[ Magister on Disc of Tzeentch]:''' (140pts. Arcanites Mortal Wizard) take a Magister and let him fly around the battlefield with +1 wound and better melee saves.
*'''[ Tzaangor Shaman]:''' (150pts. Arcanites Brayherd Wizard) The mage you want in a Tzaangor-heavy army. Thanks to his Disc, he's not all that bad in melee, but that is still only a last resort, as he's too important to risk. The fun part is that he is a 6 wound Mage with high movement and a decent spell: Enemy unit takes D3 Mortal Wounds. Afterward, you can add a Tzaangor to a nearby unit for every model the spell killed. Roast some Saurus Guard and fill up your Beastmen all in the same breath. The Shaman also carries a nice energy drink with him that, once per game, lets him cast twice and re-roll casting rolls while he's at it. Use to best effect in an Arcanite Cabal Battalion for three re-rollable spells. Also, since the disc he rides gives him the '''Daemon''' keyword, he qualifies for and can pick from both Daemonic and Arcanite tables from the Allegiance abilities.
*'''[ Ogroid Thaumaturge]:''' (170pts Arcanites Mortal Wizard) For all intents and purposes, the Ogroid Thaumaturge is a Tzeentch-marked Doombull. He has eight Wounds without counting as a monster, a 5+ save, rerolls hits & wounds if he took damage earlier in the phase, and his spell deals D6 MW and heals him for each kill, so he's pretty tanky. He also moves 6", deals D3 Mortal Wounds for successfully charging and has three weapon profiles in melee, all of them good. His staff is just like any other mage staff, but hitting on 3+ and dealing two knocks, then his horns have one attack with great Hit and Wound rolls, great Rend and constant damage 3, and finally, his hooves are exactly 2 Hammer-Liberators worth of knocks. But wait, that's not all. This guy is just amazing. Having him and a Tzeentch army and NOT playing him is akin to sacrilege. He's powerful, he's versatile, and his model looks amazing.
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