Lore of Fate
#'''Shield of Fate''': Odd. This cheap one (casting value 5) grants you re-rolls on your saves that get worse the fewer Destiny Dice you have. Do you sincerely want something that hinges on a precious resource not being expended?. It's flat out better then Mystic Shield now but the person casting it could just know another spell if they feel like it. Worse case it's just as good as Mystic Shield so you can give different things a bit more protection at least.
#'''Infusion Arcanum''': The Curseling and the Ogroid love this baby. Pathetically low casting value of 5? Check. Increases both Hit and Wound rolls of the caster by one? Check. Take a powerful melee Hero and turn him into a terrifying melee Hero. For true dickishness, give it to Archaon. Yes, Ol'Topknot is both '''MORTAL''' and '''TZEENTCH''' and so is entitled to this spell if he's put in a Tzeentch army.
#'''Treacherous Bond''': Exactly what the Gaunt Summoner wants. The casting value is 6. This one is basically a "Look Out, Sir" of 23+ for the caster. The unit receiving the hits can stand up to 18" away when the spell is cast. So now you can toss your Gaunt Summoner into range for his scary spell and not worry about repercussions. Pick a unit of Pink Horrors with this spell. [[Troll|Let them tank hits and fill up nearby Blue Horror units with their deaths, then, in the Battleshock Phase, Destiny Dice a 1 into their Battleshock and get D6 Horrors right back via their banner.]]
===<span style="color:#01bbe3;">Lore of Change</span>===
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