Daemonic Powers
Any '''TZEENTCH DAEMON HERO''' can be given one of the following Daemonic Powers
#'''Lord of Flux''': In your Hero Phase any enemy unit with 3" of your Hero take a Mortal wound on a 4+. There are much better options out there than this measly thing. It is a 50% chance to do one mortal wound on units that are in combat range of your Hero... keeping in mind that because this activates in your Hero Phase, your Hero must survive through a full turn of combat for it to even activate.
#'''Aura of Mutability''': All your Tzeentch Daemon units within 3" of the Hero get re-rolls of 1's to wound. This works for shooting so put your Hero near big Horror units or Flamer units to allow them to wound more. Keep in mind that these work on the Tzaangor Skyfires and Enlightened as well, since thanks to their Discs, they count as Daemons.
#'''Cursed Ichor''': Whenever your Hero suffers a wound, on a 2+ a random enemy unit within 1" of them takes a mortal wound too. Good for a suicide bomb Hero to run at an enemy Hero you want dead and blow both of em up.
#'''Wellspring of Arcane Might''': Tzeentch Daemons within 9" of the Hero re-roll 1's to cast. Keep in mind that Horrors and Gaunt Summoners are Tzeentch Daemons, too. Also helps to make sure a Lord of Change pretty much never fails a casting roll.
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