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{{Age of Sigmar Faction|Faction=Disciples of Tzeentch|Logo=TzeentchianDie.gif|Alliance=Chaos|Lore=Tzeentch|Icon=Tzeentch mark.png|Motto=Just as planned.}}
==Why play Disciple Disciples of Tzeentch?==
Disciples of Tzeentch are all about two things: spells and acting like you know what you're doing. Most of your heroes are wizards and all of them are smug assholes that if you kick in the dick they'll act like you kicking them in the dick was a nine year plan that causes them to end up better off somehow. Hell, Lords of Change love to meddle with stuff that more often they fail because they get cocky and meddle too much. On top of a love of all things changing, weirdly colorful and on fire if you want to set up stupid complex strategy for your army and hope they go [[just as planned]], then Disciples of Tzeentch are for you.
===Mercenary Companies===
*'''Blacksmoke Battery:''' Chaos Dorfs with artillery but not really Chaos Dorfs.
 *'''Greyfyrd:'''Very durable, something your units are not. The issue is that from the 3rd round onwards, they'll start to (rightfully) suspect they're [[Just as Planned|being played]]. *'''Grugg Brothers:'''Glass cannon monsters, but they probably won't be enough to fool your opponent into thinking they're a juicier target than your Lord of Change. *'''Gutstuffers:'''These fat bois are good shock units, but are hindered by having to take a Firebelly. *'''Nimyard’s Rough-Riders:''' Otflanking trickery pleases Tzeentch. *'''Order of the Blood-Drenched Rose:'''If for some reason you want elite cavalry. But you're Chaos, you can ally Everchosen Varanguard. *'''Rampagers:'''A high speed menace that can reach your opponent's lines in one or two turns. *'''Skroug’s Menagerie:'''The most versatile company due to it's variety of units. *'''Sons of the Lichemaster:'''Quite mediocre, and don't provide something you don't have already. *'''Tenebrous Court:'''Tarpits & heavy hitters.
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