Omniscient Oracles
===<span style="color:#4c741c;">Omniscient Oracles</span>===
'''(130 160 pts) (1650 ; Min: pts; Max:)''' ''Kairos Fateweaver and 3 Lords of Change''
Really, really not worth the price of admission. You get to re-roll all 1s on Hit, Wound, Save, Run and Charge rolls. Now, to be honest, this is a massive fucking load of bullshit. It's ''Daemonic Power'' on steroids for four powerful Behemoths. Never mind that they can still take unique spells, gear and magical gear on top of this. On the other hand, even in a 2500 point game, you just spent well over half your points on four models. Never mind all the cash you'd have to throw down for this...