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*Corpse Carts and Mortis Engines provide solid allies that boost your casting, which is crazy good for Flesh-Eaters who rely a LOT on magic. Mortis Engines are probably best, since they are tough, boost casting, can deal lots of mortal wounds and can heal your guys. Corpse Carts are a little squishy and don't do much other than buff Deadwalkers units, which you have little use for.
*Dire Wolves are decent, being relatively fast. HOWEVER, as badass as undead royal hunting hounds may look like , they synergize not even a little bit with your guys, so try . Try not to use them. Zombies are pretty meh, as they require you to commit a lot of resources into making them work, while your ghouls work so much better with your army.
*You've got access to the Mortarchs too. Out of all of them, Arkhan is probably best. Mannfred is expensive as hell, and has little utility since he's mostly a magic and combat beatstick, which isn't what your army really needs. Neferata is decent, but then you'd be pissing off Ushoran, although her Twilight's Allure command ability and her unique spell is solid support. Arkhan is best because he's not too expensive, and can cast your Flesh-Eater spells, if he's close enough to your wizards, while having a boosted unbind/casting roll. Sure, he's not gonna do much damage in combat like Mannfred, but who needs to when you have Curse of Years?
===Mercenary Companies===
*'''Blacksmoke Battery:'''Good for ranged coverage, something your forces don't have. *'''Greyfyrd:'''Fyreslayers are an incredibly good tarpit if you get the right units. And a magmadroth is a good choice for hordes centered armies. *'''Grugg Brothers:'''You can have two giants for 320 who get the ability to re-roll hit rolls of one of they are close one to another. *'''Gutstuffers:'''Offensive glass cannons who can easily take a horde or a monster without problems. *'''Nimyard’s Rough-Riders:''' Can be useful for some threat saturation, or to delete tarpits standing in the way of your cannibals. 
*'''Order of the Blood-Drenched Rose:''' Give your Ghoul Kings some proper horseback knights to work with.
 *'''Rampagers:'''Fast and highly offensive warband that can easily get a charge at round one or two at worst. *'''Skroug’s Menagerie:'''The most versatile company thanks to it's big range of units. 
*'''Sons of the Lichemaster:''' The only time it is okay to use a Necromancer. He gives an extra attack to nearby skeletons and zombies.
*'''Tenebrous Court:''' Field these units as your mercs and Nagash will laugh away his sides at your utter stupidity.