Command Traits
#'''Fyremantle:''' Subtract 1 from hit rolls from enemy units while they are 3 inches from the general. A pretty good one: ranged attacks that take place at 3 inches of your general will also have -1 to hit, and attacks that do not target your general will also have a -1 to hit. One of the best one, especially brutal on an Auric Runesmiter on Magmadroth.
#'''Oathslayer:''' Add 1 to the bravery characteristic of Duardin units while wholly within 18 inches. Not bad depending on your army composition, but there are probably better options.
#'''Ash-Beard:''' The General knows 2 prayers from the table instead of 1. Useful for giving your Priests more options, <s> but it may be slightly limited due to the fact that each Priest can only cast one prayer per turn. </s> Check the FAQ, you can cast all the prayers you know!
#'''Fyresteel Weaponsmith:''' Add 1 to the Generals weapons' rend characteristic. Pretty useless for Priests on foot, since you do not want your support units in melee. <s>More relevant for an Auric Runesmiter on Magmadroth, as the beast will have all its attacks improved.</s> Scratch the last part, most if not all Command Traits and Artefacts do not affect mounts.
#'''Master Priest:''' Once per battle, if the general is on the battlefield, you can activate an Ur Gold rune that has already been used. Difficult to evaluate: in certain situations, this Command Trait could singlehandedly win you the match (activating the Rune of Awakened Steel twice per game is extremely good, let alone getting the enhanced effect at least once), but other times, it might not be that relevant. Still, worst considering.
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