General tips on using half-naked raging dorfs
**now all troops have 2 wounds for more hidden endurence.
*Always remember every one of your Dorfs has a ranged attack, the throwing axe gimmick. It's weak and short-ranged, so it seems bad at first, but because you can shoot into combat, it makes your melee units even more awesome: the opposing unit will receive both the melee attacks of the first rank of your units and the throwing axes from EACH member of the unit!
*With the new book, the army <s>can be </s> is a top-tier Army(Hearthguard Berzerkers), but we are really hero dependent and we do not have lots of tools to counter magic (1 artefact and 1 prayer), so a heavy shooting/magic army can snipe our heroes and then wipe out our weakened troops (Hearthguard Berzerkers without the 4+ FnP for example...), be aware of that.